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African American Outreach Prayer

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

ABBA Father, dear Creator God,

In your Word you command us to pray

For all who serve you in public office,

That we may lead peaceful lives.

We intercede for those in the offices of

President of the United States,

In the Congressional Black Caucus,

And in federal, state, county and local offices.

We ask for a new outpouring of your Spirit,

The Spirit of truth and life,

The Spirit of repentance and conversion,

The Spirit of courage and grace;

Let peace and love abound,

For ourselves and for those holding political offices.

May we be instruments of Your Holy Spirit

And witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In which alone we find hope for our nation and the world.

We ask this in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

– Written by Father Frank Pavone and Dr. Alveda King

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Joshua and Rachav!

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Did you ever wonder why G-d uses the lives of “fallen” and then “restored” women as testimonies of victory?

Friends, during my personal Bible study, reading the Bible accounts of Joshua, and consequently “Rahab the Harlot,” I came across yet another account of a woman of repentance. Yes! Rahab the Harlot!

Often, as a post-abortive woman, whose testimony is of sin and redemption, I compare myself to the “Woman at the Well,” and the “Woman caught in the Act.” Meaning by this, that due to my unwise and sinful choices of abortion, sexual promiscuity, dishonoring G-d and my parents, I sowed some really bad seeds! In many ways, I did reap what I did sow, in that I experienced things in my body from the harmful abortions and abortion and birth control drugs and procedures. I also experienced divorces, as I was confused about life and about God’s plan for my own life. Yet, once I repented, G-d in His infinite mercy forgave me, and restored me.

Friends, not all women can say that we lived a righteous life from the start. Sometimes, life’s circumstances lead us to some strange places. Queen Esther is my favorite example of a righteous woman who fell into a compromising situation, and yet, she remained faithful to G-d. By this I mean that the Queen lived in a harem and shared her husband with many beautiful women. Yet, she never forgot her purpose in life. As a result, her prayerful life led her to be a vessel used to redeem her people!

Also, after much study, it becomes clear that David was not alone in his sin of adultery. Bathsheba had her part in the matter. After all, why did she move her bathtub to the roof, and take off her clothes while King David was on his rooftop which overlooked hers? She was lonely, and her husband was away, and Bathsheba had to pay the consequences along with her second husband, David.

Women play a major role in G-d’s plan. We can either be like Mary, the Holy Mother of Jesus, or we can learn our lessons the hard way, on the road to repentance and redemption. Yet, even if we are of the latter group of women, please know that G-d forgives us and is so good and gracious to allow our testimonies to be helpful to others.

Here is a little known story of the romance and marriage between Joshua, Son of Nun and Rahab the Harlot. Yes, the Talmud seems to report that Joshua married her! Rahab is noted in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Wow! Another “I didn’t know that” moment!

Joshua Bin Nun, the Successor to Moses

By Avi Lazerson


Joshua Bin Nun, the successor to Moses, never seemed to reach the fame-success ratings that Moses enjoyed. The book of Joshua, the sixth book of the Bible, which follows the five books of Moses, is not the best seller that the first five are. Never the less, there are scholars who believe that Joshua was a better leader of the Jewish people than Moses was.

Whereas most people recall Joshua with miraculously taking the Jewish people across the Jordan River into the land of Israel and also the miraculous crumbling of the walls of the fortified city of Jericho, few people realize that Joshua was a man of extraordinary personality.

Joshua was first mentioned in the Bible as the dedicated attendant of Moses. He completely nullified his personality to insure that his master, Moses, was well taken care of and able to perform his important public and spiritual functions. Moses in turn selected him while in the desert to lead a delegation of twelve representatives of the Jewish nation to ascertain the feasibility and true benefits of the divinely promised land of Israel. Of the twelve spies, only Joshua and Caleb returned with a positive report; the other ten told of the difficulties that the “new” land has for them – thereby turning the hearts of the people from G-d and incurring divine wrath and punishment.

Joshua was divinely chosen to lead the Jewish people into the Promised Land. He led in successfully fighting against the inhabitants who had to be destroyed or driven out, and he divided up the land of Israel for the various tribes. All of this without any rebellion and with only one incident of sinning (Achan) as opposed to Moses’ very difficult period of leadership. This led Rabbis’ to comment that although Moses was likened to the sun and Joshua to the moon, because of Joshua’s “closeness” to the people, as opposed to Moses’ closeness to G-d, Joshua enjoyed far greater popular appreciation from the masses. Joshua had a closer understanding of the people, hence developed a more dedicated and a more disciplined people who came into the land of Israel.

One of the most amazing stories of Joshua is not the famous battle in which the sun stood still in the heavens until the battle was won, but that of Rachav, the prostitute.

Rachav, a non-Jew, lived in Jericho. Prior to the Jews entering Israel, Joshua sent two spies to seek out the land. They came to Rachav’s house to seek shelter from the king of Jericho. Rachav risked her own life and hid the Jewish spies from the king’s soldiers. In return, they promised to spare her life and her family’s lives in return for her saving their lives.

The Talmud describes at length the attractiveness and sexual powers that Rachav possessed. The Rabbis of the Talmud said that all the important ministers and rulers of the world would come to visit her in order to experience her charms. The Talmud goes so far to state that in Rachav’s time, if a man were to utter her name aloud he would come to have a seminal ejaculation – such was the beauty and sexual powers of Rachav.

But there is more:

The Talmud also relates that Joshua married her! Can you imagine today (with the exception of Bill Clinton) a distinguished head of state, or even more so, a major religious leader marrying the most famous prostitute in the history of the Bible?? Well Joshua married her! Plus it is related that many great men were descendent from her.

Our question is obvious: How could the number one Jewish leader, the successor to Moses, the representative of G-d on earth pick a gentile, the number one prostitute in the world to marry? Couldn’t he find a nice Jewish girl?? Plus, we do not see any mention of revulsion from the Rabbis!

In this perhaps signifies Joshua’s unique inherent strength and character.

Perhaps outward dress and actions may deceive us. We tend to give honor to those who dress and act in manners to elicit from us honor with out really knowing if this person is indeed worthy of the honor that we give him. We can’t real see who is really true on the inside, we can’t see behind every facade.

Many people can fool us into believing that they are truly G-d fearing, when perhaps they are lacking in this area. We can be deceived into thinking some one is a friend when in reality he has an ulterior motive for his friendship.

Joshua saw from Rachav’s actions that she was really deeply G-d fearing. Instead of turning these two Jews over to the king’s soldiers and garnished a reward, as any normal person would have done, she risked her life because of her belief in G-d, to save them. She believed with a deep conviction that G-d was leading the Jews back into the Promised Land. She believed deeply in the G-d of the Hebrews and that He would fulfil His promise to give the land of Canaan to the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. She entertained no doubts of this and she desired to be a part of it.

That she was a prostitute perhaps was not the most desirous trait one looks for in a wife, yet, circumstances can cause many to seek living in a manner that seems unforgivable. Yet she robbed no one, killed no one. When she had the opportunity to join G-d’s chosen people, even if it meant a possible life as a status-less individual, she was willing to accept the unknown. She asked for nothing, like Ruth, yet she merited the best.

All of this for being willing to sacrifice one’s life for the benefit of others!

Perhaps this is the message that this story brings to us: to be willing to give of ourselves to G-d’s master plan of the world.

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Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

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Going the distance…!

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

In the Pro-Life Movement as we fight to save the unborn, it’s easy to fall in despair and get so sick and tired that we could become discouraged. In times like these, we need to hang on to the Word of God, lock in and keep pressing on! When we hear the lies that the pro-aborts tell we have to keep reminding ourselves that Jesus already has won victory over the culture of death by his death and resurrection. This truth made Easter Sunday a really major blessing, knowing that we have the victory!

Even knowing this, as a flawed human being, it’s hard not to get frustrated knowing that many people don’t keep up with the truth enough to know that all they tell people are a bunch of lies. How else can they convince people that it’s okay for a mother and father to kill their unborn child?

Let me give you a new example. A friend called me and said that a woman connected to Planned Parenthood offered to sell her a “baby trophy.” In other words, you know how people go hunting and hang the mounted, stuffed heads on their walls as a trophy for the “hunt?” Or, how people take the bodies of their dead beloved pets to be “preserved?” The process is called Taxidermy and the Taxidermist is the person who takes the skin of the dead animal and stuffs it for a trophy to be made into a rug or hung on a wall.

Well, my friend called and said she met a woman who had a “baby trophy.” She says she saw and held a little “restored” baby who had been aborted. The skin was fragile and almost translucent, and the baby looked very “real.” I had heard of these things happening, but never talked directly to anyone who has been in contact with such an anomaly. I say anomaly because it’s bad enough for the precious children to have been aborted, and now people are making “trophies” of their little bodies.

Before I decided to let you know about this practice, I did some research. Warning, it is shocking! They are calling these little ones “Reborns.” Shocking and tragic!

Now, please let me be very clear here. This process of taxidermy aborted baby trophies that my friend describes is not the same as rescuing little dead aborted babies and giving them a name, a decent burial and restoring their dignity. No one in the prolife movement is using taxidermy to keep aborted babies bodies as mementoes of their tragic demise, and selling them for profit.

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Sunday, April 8th, 2012

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His Only Begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but shall have everlasting Life.” John 3:16

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Pro-Life Reflection for April 4

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

At hise gate lay a poor man named Lazarus, covered with sores. – Luke 16:20

Reflection: Lazarus got nothing when he begged at the rich man’s door. The rich man thought that because Lazarus had less, he was worth less. He failed to recognize the one in need is his brother.

In our time there are many who fail to recognize that the unborn child is their brother, their sister, the Lazarus of the 21st century.

Prayer: Lord, use our riches for the lowliest among us. May none of us repeat the rich man’s mistake.

Order your copy of Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day.

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Trayvon Martin: A Pro-Life Reaction to Racial Politics

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

By Ryan Bomberger

The Radiance Foundation has been called, tweeted, and pressed to join the throngs across the nation in protesting the tragic death of Trayvon Martin. Invoking our “Black Children Are An Endangered Species” pro-life campaign, pro-abortion activists (who ignore and reject all statistics related to black genocide through abortion) demand we step into the fray.

We agree that this untimely death should be mourned. Trayvon was a young man who had an entire lifetime of opportunity ahead of him. We also feel that by blaming racism for the death of this teenager, in typical reactionary style, the public is missing opportunities to engage in a constructive national dialogue about race and unity.

We are America—a beautiful menagerie of different races, ethnicities, religions, ideologies, shapes, sizes, and colors. This tapestry is made up of the beauty that each of us has to offer. Sadly, threads of violence, greed, racism, elitism, hatred, and dishonesty have become inevitably interwoven, yet changeable, aspects of our humanity.

Anytime I see or hear Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton in victim-du-jour exploitation mode, my Civil Wrongs radar starts sounding. Once again, in a visceral attempt to inflame racial tensions, these hucksters inject themselves into a news event (made so by our lamestream media who strangely don’t do this the other nearly 17,000 times someone is murdered in the United States). For people like the teleprompter-challenged Sharpton, racial reconciliation is never the goal—only racial manipulation.

I’m particularly amused by the media’s description of the man—a white Hispanic–responsible for allegedly racially profiling and shooting Trayvon. Hispanics, even bi-racial ones, are usually considered a minority, but for racially dividing purposes the media has depicted Zimmerman as just a white man who shot a black teen. Would that make Obama a white black, negating his “minority” status? I’m a white black, too—one whose passion is to serve as an agent of racial reconciliation.

We don’t even know the full details of this tragedy. Yet the press, ever eager to infuse racial strife every chance possible, has made this a circus. Lost in all of this clamor is reason and perspective.

There are 16,799 homicides within the United States in the last reported year according to the Department of Justice. Blacks are disproportionately victimized by these crimes at a rate 6 times higher than whites. But, blacks also make up the majority of the offenders with a rate that is 7 times higher than whites. Much of this is influenced heavily by disparate situations of poverty, and this poverty is due, in most part, to the alarming deterioration of the black family. Back in the 50s, over 80% of black families were intact two-parent married homes. Today, less than 30% of black homes are led by both mother and father, as we illuminate in our latest “Fatherhood Begins in the Womb” campaign.

Shame on our mainstream media for contorting Trayvon’s death into a social commentary on race in America. This, while they blatantly ignored actual and provable violent racist attacks over the past several years, where black flash mobs struck terror in cities across America. Where’s the outrage for the white teen lit on fire on his own porch after being chased by older black teens? The silence from media only reinforces that they’re interested in their own twisted one-sided race narrative. According to the Department of Justice, “most murders are intraracial where 84% of white victims were killed by whites and 93% of black victims were killed by blacks.”

We need to get a grip on race in America and stop excusing violent behaviors from anyone, regardless of race or socio-economic standing.

President Obama, who naturally should be a reconciler on issues of race as he is wonderfully bi-racial, seems to squander ever opportunity when these issues arise. We’ve had the “beer summit,” the shrugging off of Black Panther voter intimidation, the silence about flash mob violence, (see Philly Mayor Nutter right) and now the personalizing of Trayvon’s death. The President stated, in part: “You know, if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” These words immediately made a racial case of this, as if any loss of life, regardless of skin color, isn’t as equal a tragedy.

So, I resist any invitation to jump on a bandwagon. The Radiance Foundation values human life—all human life from conception until natural death. We also value being well informed so that we can look at this present situation and react in a way that affirms life, not widen chasms among people with divisive racial rhetoric.

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