A Travel Guide to Life: Don’t leave home without it!

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A good author should recognize the gift in a colleague, and also acknowledge that gift. I’ll let you be the judge of my penmanship when my newest book KING RULES hits the stand on June 10.

Meanwhile, please read the latest offering, A TRAVEL GUIDE TO LIFE, by my friend Anthony DeStefano. The book, one in a series of TRAVEL GUIDES, is filled with insights and how to’s straight from the pen of one who successfully navigates the ups and downs of life with candor, humility, repentance and humor.

To date this new release becomes a favorite, although all of Anthony’s books are super. My grandchildren adore his children’s books. We recently read A TRAVEL GUIDE TO HEAVEN FOR CHILDREN. Delightful!

On a personal note, I remember praying for Anthony when he was preparing for his father’s transition from this life. He stoically bore it all while helping others to navigate their way through such a trying season.

I also remember Anthony tolerating my monologue about why I’m a Star Trek fan. I was lamenting about how my critics consider my Sci-Fi passion to be sinful. After all, they reason, “Christians don’t have time for fantasy. Jesus is the real deal.”

Yes, Jesus is real, and thank God for His Blood, His Love, His Mercy and HIS Grace. I’m not perfect, and we all need prayer.

I remember Anthony saying: “Alveda, we’re not perfect in this life. You pray for me, I’ll pray for you.”

On that note, I’ll close here with a prayer that you’ll read our books and enjoy them. We all need a good TRAVEL GUIDE. Don’t leave home without this gem. Blessings.

4 Responses to “A Travel Guide to Life: Don’t leave home without it!”

  1. Sandra Lytle says:

    I have not read this book, but yes I agree no one is perfect. We all have some “thing” in our lives that we could be working on to do better. So mercy and patience, I am sure, we all could use from others. I look forward to reading this book “A Travel Guide To Life”. Is it in the book store? and where?

  2. alv3d@ says:


    It is available at the Priests for Life bookstore at https://www.priestsforlife.org/store/p-380-travel-guide-to-life.aspx and also at your various bookstores. Enjoy the book!

  3. Sharon Stice says:

    Alveda King is my new hero. I am currently doing whatever I can to get her to Pell City, AL. to speak at the Pro Life Banquet for our local pregnancy center, “Ann’s New Life Center for Women”, and have spoken in her favor at a local Church recently when speaking at a predominantly black Church saying that, we need to give our children new heroes. My first hero of course, is Jesus Christ.
    Next come Alveda King and Ben Carson. While speaking, I reminded the congregation that Alveda King wants us to teach our children about Jesus.
    The High School students here are having to read biographies on great americans. I want to make sure Alveda King is included in my little used book booth in town. Which book, would you consider to be Dr. King’s life story? I of course, want to read them all. Which would be most appropriate for the children?


  4. alv3d@ says:


    Dr. King has a new book coming out on June 10, King Rules: Ten Truths for You, Your Family, and Our Country to Prosper, which had received great reviews. You can learn more about it at http://kingrulesbook.com/#about

    Hope this helps.

    Eugene Vigil
    Asst. to Dr. Alveda King
    Priests for Life

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