A word for today

A Word for Today
In 1 Chronicles 24:5 The various tasks that had to be performed in the work for the House of the Lord had to be done by famous people and high officials along with all the people assembled there. So, there was a lottery or a coin toss, so that the higher ups wouldn’t take the most preferred tasks and leave what they didn’t want to do to others. In other words, all were expected to work in a unified, harmonious, and humble manner, working together in love no matter what they were called or chosen to do. This is a lesson for all of us today. Are we ready to wash the dishes and serve the people and also ready to stand up before cameras and make speeches? Can we work effectively in the background as well as in the spotlight? Sometimes, prophetic people need to discern when they should let others do some tasks while they step forward to do what is needful at the time. Our Lord Jesus washed his servants’ feet, served bread and wine to them, and died on the cross and rose again to be our victorious High Priest. I’m talking to me, but if this helps you too, be blessed!

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