Advancing Reproductive Lies: Women do regret abortion (and don’t know that their babies’ body parts are being sold by Planned Parenthood)


In a recent report, Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health just disrespected hundreds of thousands of women, including Black women like me by saying that our testimonies of our regret over our abortions are likely unfounded. In their report, they say that over 95 percent of women who have had an abortion think they made the right decision according to their new study. Released by the University of California, San Francisco think tank Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health, and using 667 women who participated in the group’s Turnaway survey, the report found that while a quarter of the women expressed some negativity about their abortions, “Results from this study suggest that claims that many women experience abortion decision regret are likely unfounded.”

While I am writing this blog, there is a news flash from Priests for Life working with Mark Crutcher at Life Dynamics, Operation Rescue, and others with startling evidence that Planned Parenthood is involved in a massive cover up over selling body parts and remains of aborted babies. It’s all lining up. The dots are actually being connected. Remember my Three Headed Monster Report? There is so much that is hidden. It’s time to tell the truth.

These people need to read RECALL ABORTION, visit, HOW CAN THE DREAM SURVIVE,, and the newly released

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  1. The protection of the unborn and human life at all stages is a battle that matches people of Faith and Reason against those whose motivations are corrupted by Greed, Racism and Hatred. It is the ultimate battle of the forces of God against the influence of Evil. Of our Savior and the host of Angels vs. those of Satan.
    Where we stand on this issue will be the key to the future of mankind and our immortal souls.
    Let us pray for the Grace to succeed in our task to rid this world of such demonic forces. The fight for life is the fight for salvation. The ultimate conquest of happiness over despondency. Of right over might and earthly power. We must be the Salt and Light to lead our brothers and sisters to a future of love and the realization that every human soul is an imperfect reflection of our Creator.

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