Alveda on Glenn Beck Show

I didn’t get a chance to send out a blast before the show. Glenn was a great show host! His insight regarding faith, hope and charity is a much needed theme in America. Here’s a youtube link to it:

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  1. Lisa says:

    Dr. King,
    I watched your appearance on the Glenn Beck show. You inspired me with your quiet and peaceful wisdom.
    Thank you … you were an encouragement and beacon of hope in very troubling times.

  2. Today, I caught Dr. Alveda King on the Glenn Beck show, & I have seen her one other time (I think it was on the Fox News channel). I must say that I am impressed with her and the responses she gave in answer to the questions she was asked.

    It’s apparent that she not only talks the talk but walks the walk of the non-violent teachings of her uncle Martin. I consider that he was a truly great man, and he was willing to stand up for his beliefs. He was not only willing to stand up but to die for the them. I believe I shall meet him in heaven among some other great saints that have stood in the gap for the oppressed and the injustices in society.

    It appears that Dr. King’s legacy is living on in those like his niece Dr. Alveda King. Her example to those around her of speaking up and speaking out, though in a non-violent or inflammatory way, is to be commended.

    She is a great Christian example in a day when we need many more to be willing to stand up for the unborn. We need to always remember the teachings of Christ and I believe she is an example of not only believing but putting into action what he taught us. Just like her uncle Martin, I think she’s a great example of living what you believe.

    Thank you for sticking to what you believe and not bending to the pressures that I’m sure have come against you because of your stance on the abortion issue

    …and thank you for being an example for me.

    Cheryl Baxter, Fort Worth, TX

  3. Becky Whitlock says:

    I just finished watching you on the Glen Beck show. I was very impressed with your kind loving comments. You were enjoyable, informative, and so impressive.

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