America, Get Out of the Toilet!

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In the midst of perhaps the most baffling presidential election America has faced in modern history, morality is caught in the crosshairs. As a man and a woman, the outlier and the insider face off in the battle of the polls, much is at stake. Meanwhile, America seems to be stuck in the toilet.

The current public bathroom debacle is designed to stir emotions and steer the unsuspecting masses away from reason into emotional la-la land. There is so much emotional spin around issues regarding the sanctity of human life and human sexuality that America remains in constant emotional flux while the tirades replace prayer, wisdom and healthy reasoning.

While I commend the now millions of Americans who are joining the protests and signing petitions against the government enforced efforts to use misplaced compassion to help transgender people, more is needed.

In other words, by turning a blind eye to the dearth of perversion within our communities — the sex traffickers, child molesters, adulterers and fornicators, racists, and so many other sin sick souls — and suggesting that allowing everyone to use the same public bathrooms will solve America’s problems, the current government administration, no matter how well intended or ill advised they are, is headed for disaster.

America’s moral dilemma won’t be solved in the public bathrooms of America.

In order to reconcile righteousness and justice in America, more godly intercession is needed. Added to our prayers must be legal strategies to serve and liberate rather than condemn the people.

In the 1950s and 1960s, prayer rallies and peaceful nonviolent protests were coupled with brilliant legal strategies to bring about transformational governance to allow Blacks the right to equal public access to bathrooms, public transportation, fair housing and employment.

That was then. Immutable skin color was the civil rights battle of the 20th century. Clear, plain and simple: One blood, one human race. (Acts 17:26).

This is now. Today the lines are blurred. Sexual preference isn’t the same as immutable skin color. The “how we are born” factor comes into play now. People aren’t so well versed in the “created in the image of God,” yet because of the fallen human nature “we are all born into sin.” Thus the “be born again” factor should be introduced.

Today, from the religious freedom perspective, we also need more legal brilliance. While from the opposite perspective governmental coercion from a bully pulpit decries and tramples the religious freedoms upon which our nation was founded. It’s time for the religious freedom bathroom protesters to “lawyer up.”

We don’t need pugnacious self-piety, self-righteous finger pointing and judgmental sermonizing; we need repentance and genuine pleas for God’s mercy and grace for all of America. And we need good legal strategies.

At the end of the day, forcing people to accept “free for all bathrooms” will not change people’s minds and hearts, nor God’s Word. Violating the civil and human rights of aborted children will not override God’s Word.

“Don’t be misled — you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.” Galatians 6:7 NLT

In order to obtain genuine, compassionate — God loves everyone — solutions in this battle between morality and immorality, we need divine compassion and divine intervention which is higher than our flawed justice system. Think about Haman and Queen Esther. God’s law superseded man’s law.

America, it’s praying time!

9 Responses to “America, Get Out of the Toilet!”

  1. Edith says:

    Thank you, Dr. King. No one seems to see beyond their belief that each is a law unto him-or herself. Prayer– God — is our last and only hope. Thank you for your wisdom. Sharing this.

  2. Elaine Clay says:

    Awesome and on time prophetic words from on high. It is indeed praying time!

  3. Lucy Mauterer says:

    Dear Alveda King,
    I am praying. I ask God for mercy on this country. We have gone so far off the path that I despair of us ever finding our way back. So many are spewing hatred right now and seem to feel it is their right. They don’t realize how poisonous that is to themselves.

    You are such a voice of reason with a unique pulpit through which to reach so many people. People of all colors listen to you. All ages, both genders. Your message is trustworthy.

    America is seemingly unprotected in this day and time. We have a president who has weakened our military, spent us to a financial precipice, encouraged lawlessness, racial hatred, disseminated misinformation deliberately, drawn folks to this country who despise us, made it easy for illegal immigrants to just walk over our borders, and has generally encouraged folks to feel they are victims.

    What a toxic environment for our precious country. More than prayer is needed. We need to speak at the ballot box. Ten million patriotic Americans already have, with many more joining their ranks yesterday. I don’t see us moving forward with a Socialist president. Neither do I see a pathological liar leading us in the right direction. We may not like the best candidate running but vast numbers of Americans do like him and they like him a lot.

    He’s the only candidate running who is saying WE must WORK TOGETHER to make America great. People need and want jobs. Folks want to be able to hold their heads high again. The candidate I am speaking of, speaks to the same audience you do. This country needs a new leader. Please help me support this one.

  4. Lucille Robbins says:

    Praying that YOU will stay well and strong in our mission! Our nation is doomed without God’s blessing – repenting and seeking His truth must start soon.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    A little light goes a long way in a dark place! Keep shining the Light for His Kingdom. Blessings!

  6. Keith Richardson says:

    I am praying for you and those who head your word. I find your statements about the use of restrooms out of line you seem to have a twisted bent on this subject.we all are made by the almighty! We live in a great nation, to believe in the saying the “we need to make America great again” is just not the case, it’s not the case that we are a week nation, and to call the other candidate a liar is just not the case. Where is the proff? You are correct the we need God’s mercy and forgiveness for all of the things that are said in his name

  7. Jim Moncrief says:

    God Bless You Sister Alveda ………..
    My wife and I are both in our 60’s and never thought we would see things as bad as they are …………. we were wrong. Thank You for helping us to get our eyes off the storm around us and on Christ.
    your Brother in Christ

  8. Sally says:

    Brilliant and concise !

  9. J. Johnson says:

    Dr. Alveda King,
    You are so on point. You are a powerhouse for Jesus!
    Keep speaking truth we need more like you. Salvation, mercy, grace, acknowledgement of our sin and repentence are a necessity if we are to right our wrongs.
    Jonava (your former employee ☺)

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