American Idol Again… Steven Tyler has an abortion story to tell!

Okay, I admit it. I watch American Idol, and God hates idols. We are told to keep ourselves from idols. I’m praying about all of this. It would really be a blessing if they changed the name of the show to something else. I’m really praying! Having said all of that, I am generally touched by the lives, gifts and talents of the young people who sing their hearts out week after week on the show. They are not my idols, because Jesus is my Lord. I just love the people on the show, and do admire their gifts, which God gave them. Does this mean that they have to stop singing and entertaining on TV and only join the church choir? Of course not!

I pray that they will not seek to be idols, but will seek to be God’s gifts to humanity.

I didn’t watch the show last year, but was drawn back again this year. I actually like it that Jennifer Lopez brings some modesty to her attire, showing young girls that they don’t have to flaunt everything to be beautiful.

I’m also touched by the style of Steven Tyler (Dad of Liv Tyler and other children). From day one, I have been intrigued by his open and loving approach to coaching, mentoring and encouraging the singers. I’m also blown away Steven’s testimony, told in the autobiografical book Walk This Way and also in a recent article by PFL Pastoral Associate Kevin Burke. Kevin takes the time to reveal and explain a side to Steven that many don’t know about. I didn’t. Recently, I asked you what President Obama, Madea and American Idol have in common. The answer remains, they need our prayers.

Steven Tyler’s abortion with his young girlfriend decades ago wrecked his life. Thankfully, Steven has received some healing. It’s not clear if he has experienced actual post abortion healing, but Steven said on a recent American Idol show that he never wants to be a bad father again. He speaks often of his beautiful daughters. He also speaks out about how the abortion of his son hurt him. I wish he would post his testimony at Silent No More. When I watch Steven Tyler, I am encouraged to keep praying.

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  1. Sam says:

    To see Julia Holcomb’s side of the story, please read part two of Kevin Burke’s Post Abortion Trauma:

    If you missed Part one, you can find it here on Steven Tyler and Julia Holcomb’s abortion. Post Abortion Trauma “Jesus, what have I done?” by Kevin Burke, LSW

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