As On The Days Of Noah: How Can America’s Congress Vote To Keep On Killing Babies In The Midst Of Catastrophic Disasters?

Do the animals know something we don’t Know?

During the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, a strange thing happened, millions of sardines turned up dead in Redondo Beach marina just days before the earthquake his Japan. And now just days after the earthquake massive schools of fish have gathered off the cost of Acapulco, Mexico. There are so many fish that it looks like an oil slick and so many that local fishermen put aside their fishing poles and nets and scooped up the fish with buckets.

This is not the first time that animals have been involved in strange behavior days before or after catastrophic events.

Just think back to the Earthquake and the tsunamis that hit Indonesia back in 2004. There were reports of animals fleeing the coast for higher ground just before the tsunami hit.

Then there are the many reports of mass amounts of birds that mysteriously fall out of the sky for no apparent reason. As some try to explain the cause as disease,, fireworks, poison, their flying into objects or being hit by trucks/cars, the truth is that they just don’t know the actual cause of their deaths. As one article states, “In the case of the Arkansas blackbirds, it was initially thought that the deaths were caused by some weather phenomenon – a microburst, or strong downdraft of wind, perhaps. “

Whatever the reason, there seems to be something going on. There are just too many strange things going on for it to be just a coincident.

In Matthew 24:37 Jesus spoke of the days of Noah when a catastrophic flood changed the world. It’s happening again folks. God did promise never to flood the earth again yet something is happening. And just like in the days of Noah, people are going about their human wrongs as if nothing is happening.

4 Responses to “As On The Days Of Noah: How Can America’s Congress Vote To Keep On Killing Babies In The Midst Of Catastrophic Disasters?”

  1. rebecca wissner says:

    Agree. Plenty out of the ordinary is happening and we believe it is a means of shaking us out of our apathy. The most innocent and vulnerable are experiencing the worst torture for the selfish convenience of others and so our merciful God warns….

  2. Veronica says:

    “The most innocent and vulnerable are experiencing the worst torture”:

    The “most innocent and vulnerable” are and continue to be children who have been abused by Catholic priests. Many adults who were abused as children commit sucide. Who do you think is responsible for these deaths? Please stop bleating on about killing babies and worry about the torture of children “for the selfish convenience of priests.”

  3. Michael F. Lessens says:

    I will not hide. Veronica, named for the saint who wiped the face of Jesus during his Passion, thank you for the reminder of the priest scandal.

    However, to compare the supposed suicides from the scandal to the deliberate murder of innocent unborn life you should have added that result and not make it the substitute of what makes humans kill their own children without any remorse. It seems you share the belief that the murder of unborn men and women “don’t count”.

  4. alv3d@ says:

    All life is precious, the lives of those abused by clergy, Catholic and Prostestant, and the killing of the unborn. We need to pray for both, the abuse to stop and the killing to stop. I would not tell you to stop going on about those abused by clergy as I know this is a terrible injustice and misuse of power. In fact, I join you in prayer for it to stop and for the healing of those abused. I hope you will also join me in prayer for the end of the killing of the most innocent and for healing for those mothers who have had abortions. God bless!

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