Black Leaders Davis, Gardner and King Say Method of Conception Exceptions is a Smoke Screen

Priests for Life

Date: June 19, 2013

Contact: Leslie Palma

In an urgent Juneteenth message, Black Pro-Life women say “America can’t truly be free until Black, Brown and poor women and their babies are free.”

Speaking for a growing army of women, the leaders say: “Representative Trent Franks, a stalwart supporter of life, offered a pain capable bill to prevent abortions after the fifth month of pregnancy. Immediately, pro-abortion advocates trotted out their stale arguments that banning abortions after the fifth month will somehow jeopardize the health of rape and incest victims as well as women whose health is “endangered by the pregnancy.”

Every time a pro-life Legislator takes steps to rein in the out of control abortion industry, pro-abortion women attack, repeatedly making these claims. Omitted from the discussion is the impact abortion has on the woman who exercises her choice in the 5th, 6th, 7th, and as we learned in the Gosnell trial sometimes 8th or 9th month of pregnancy. It is time we had that discussion.

“Congressman Franks stated that the incidence of rape resulting in pregnancies that are aborted in the sixth month of pregnancy or later is “very low.” How is stating this fact controversial?” asked Alveda King, Director, African American Outreach, Priests for Life. “He is trying to save babies’ lives – lives like the late term babies that convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell joked about when he said they “could walk to the bus stop”. Rather than have these babies decapitated and stuffed into juice containers by abortionists such as Gosnell, Congressman Franks would have them live. For this he is being viciously attacked.”

“Abortion supporters continually use rape and incest as a smoke screen and I’m sick of it,” said Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro-Life Union. “Do women who suffer the terrible and brutal crime of rape sometimes seek an abortion? Yes! Do women who conceive during rape allow their child to be adopted into a loving family or decide to raise, love and nurture their child? Yes! Pro-aborts misuse the terrible crimes of rape and incest to ensure the continuation of abortion at all costs. The smoke screen is used all too often to detract from the fact that abortion is a gory and savage practice that kills babies at all stages of life, and sometimes kills women,” Gardner said.

“I am haunted by Tonya Reaves,” said Catherine Davis, Founding Member of the National Black Prolife Coalition. “Planned Parenthood callously left this young woman bleeding in their facility for more than five hours. They could have and should have transported her the 1.7 miles to the nearest trauma center where her life could have been saved after they perforated her uterus and left parts of the baby inside her. She did not have to die, yet those who claim to be fighting for women’s health have yet to tell women their very lives, like Tonya’s, is in jeopardy,” Davis said.

Pro-life advocates believe Representative Franks is right to omit method of conception exceptions from bills he sponsors. We believe he is right in seeking to ban abortions after the fifth month when the life and health of the mother is critically endangered.

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  1. BobbyD. says:

    Yes, the abortion statistics of black women compared to other ethnicities is staggering. Here in Toledo, OH, at the last remaining abortion clinic, on Saturday, May 30, 2015, 8 of the 9 abortion clients were women of color. This does NOT represent the population of the Toledo and greater Toledo area. Stats show that in Ohio, black women are 12% of the population, but have 37% of all abortions. On this day, it far EXCEEDED those norms. How tragic when you hear Sharpton & Jesse say that “Black Lives Matter”, but they forget about those unborn black children who have been entrusted to their mothers by our Creator. All lives matter from conception to natural death.

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