BLACK LIVES MATTER – #blacklivesmatter

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By Niger Innis, Founder

Garner should not have died for selling loose cigarettes. Trayvon shouldn’t have died for munching skittles in the wrong neighborhood. Even Michael’s death is a tragedy.

There is a crisis of Black men losing their lives; in fact there is a genocide occurring among young black men across the country.

On these matters above I agree with Sharpton and the others in the Racialist Lobby.

But that’s where my harmony with that element ends.

Because they indeed add to the devaluation of black life through their very agenda and actions. These folk, including the President of the United States and his AG, tend to only value the death of black lives when they’re taken by whites. The plague on young black men in urban centers is not white racists, nor murderous cops. It is largely other black men. 93 percent of black men are killed by other black men. There are far too many black men raised in households that have few positive black male role models; where many single mothers heroically desperately try to raise boys to manhood. Communities that are culturally dominated, thanks to the Entertainment Industrial Complex, by gangsta criminal chic. This is the central crisis within Black America, and America at large. Until So-called Civil Rights leaders have the courage to openly and honestly address this phenomenon, the plague of which I speak will continue unabated. The “Hands up don’t shoot” protest chant should be replaced with, “Pants up, Don’t Loot”.

Let’s stop and target the real genocide of young black men.

5 Responses to “BLACK LIVES MATTER – #blacklivesmatter”

  1. Black lives really don’t matter, and I can prove it! If you were an “AfriGen” [African genetic mix in America; read my notes on American African Genetics] your life would matter, but since you’re nothing but a color you really don’t matter. When you allow your race or you as an individual to be identified as a color [black] you are worthless. You’ve become a worthless color that anyone can spit on or paint over. The reason so-called-black people are looked on as a second class populous is because their nothing but a color to everyone, especially the Democrat party and white liberals. Even socialist president obama places no importance on black people, because you’re nothing but a color coded pawn for political usage. Obama has elevated illegal mexicans above blacks by his illegal amnesty action to give illegal mexicans jobs, healthcare and higher wages. What has obama done for the so-called-black community? Answer; NOTHING but race riots. Why? Because black is nothing but a color. Now we know the answer to the slogan “does Black Lives Matter?” Obama has answered with a resounding NO! NO JOBS, NO RESPECT, NO THANK YOU!

  2. Correction: “They’re nothing but a color to everyone, especially the Democrat Party and white liberals.” [Blacks]

  3. pat says:

    If we Identifying ourselves as firstly or lastly or always as a person of a color … then we having little to no understanding of GOD or of ourselves. If we failing to identify ourselves and every other Human being as being firstly and lastly and always as being a Human being with certain and irrevocable GOD-given Rights and Freedoms and Duties before both GOD and Man … then we are failing to recognize our own GOD-given Rights and Freedoms and Responsibilities.

    GOD Bless us all.

  4. Martha Meek says:

    I agree one hundred percent that the black problem is a problem for all of us in regard to the destruction of young black men. I’m a retired teacher from a very poverty stricken mixed native American and white background. The tragedy is in the childhood experiences where there is no solid nuclear family with goals and aspirations as Dr. Ben Carson’s mother managed alone for her sons. We can all do better, but in the long run it is every family and every individual’s responsibility to use the innate abilities and talents God gave every one of His children to try to be responsible and to lift ourselves above the degenerate level by struggling valiantly for an education in the trades or academics to escape a life of poverty,. So that our children and grandchildren may not suffer the humiliation of handouts,violence, and crime. I know it happened to me and it can happen to all who have the will to do what is right. It is a terrible thing to waste a mind, a life, a soul, and see it sink into ignominy.

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Very thoughtful. Thank youfor sharing.

    One thought. The POTUS may have a focus on the black/white issue in the current situation, but the black on black issue is not lost on him. It came up in Dreams of My Father, and I recall him speaking to it since, and our going nowhere. As unfortunate as it is, I understand his need to work with the national discourse and not start his own.

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