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Derzis Ruling And Award Is A Sin And A Shame

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Regarding the Derzis ruling, “The judge has proposed a new legal doctrine: A dangerous abortion clinic is better than no abortion clinic. We beg to differ.” – Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue

To make matters worse, the abortion industry keeps saying this about abortions: We want them to be safe and rare. Yet every time that new laws are proposed that would do just that, they sue for injunctions and try to fight the laws saying how that would make it harder for women to get abortions.

Whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice I would think that any law that would make it safer for women to get abortions would be a welcomed law. That is not the case in many states and certainly not in Mississippi.

Mississippi passed a law that required anyone performing abortions in the state to be a licensed Ob-Gyn and have professional privileges allowing them to admit patients to a local hospital. The Jackson Women’s Health Organization in Jackson, MS, Mississippi’s only abortion mill, has neither.

The law was passed in March and was supposed to have taken effect on July 1, 2012. The Jackson Women’s Health Organization filed suit on June 27 to block the law from going into effect stating that the law was passed as an effort to close down their abortion clinic and not to protect the safety of women. A federal judge granted them a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO).

As reported by Operation Rescue, on Friday, July 6 the state filed a brief outlining the health risks to women from the abortion clinic. “The brief, submitted by Special Assistant Attorney General Benjamin Bryant, cited the recent closure of Alabama’s New Woman All Women after the Alabama Department of Public Health discovered 76 pages of violations, including “evidence that clinic staff failed to respond to complaints of post-surgical complications.” New Woman All Women was owned by Diane Derzis, who also owns the Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

“Instead of remedying the violations, Derzis agreed to close the abortion clinic and disaffiliate from any one that might attempt to relicense the facility.

“The State’s brief also cited a lawsuit filed in 2011 by abortionist Joseph Booker, a former employee of the Jackson Women’s Health Organization (JWHO) who sued the clinic “alleging that Derzis had instituted numerous practices that jeopardized the health and safety of patients, including:

• Permitting untrained staff to perform and interpret ultrasounds, despite the fact that accurate ultrasound are vital to the medical safety of patients.
• Pressure from the JWHO administrator to administer RU486 abortion pills in a manner that is “dangerous” and not approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
• Belief that JWHO does not carry malpractice insurance.
• JWHO is jeopardizing patient safety by not using a “local doctor who has hospital admitting privileges” when administering RU486 because of the “real risk of severe hemorrhage” and “the risk of ectopic pregnancy” associated with the drug.

“The State noted that as the Supreme Court abortion rulings currently stand, “the right to abortion services belongs to the women who access those services – not to the physicians who provide them.” Parker has claimed that his right to perform abortions is jeopardized by the new law, when no such Constitutional right exists.”

On July 13, Judge Daniel P. Jordon III ruled that Mississippi House Bill 1390 could go into effect but that the penalties could not be enforced. As Troy Newman said in a statement regarding the ruling, “It is reprehensible that the JWHO should it be allowed to continue to endanger the lives and health of women simply because it is the last abortion clinic in Mississippi. Women deserve better than to have the Court ignore serious health risks inflicted upon them by fly-by-night abortionists who swoop into Mississippi from out-of-state, only to leave the matter of complications to emergency room staff that have to figure out on their own what happened.

The judge has proposed a new legal doctrine: A dangerous abortion clinic is better than no abortion clinic. We beg to differ.”

It seems that every week I read an article about a woman being transported by ambulance to a hospital after complications from an abortion. It seems to be happening even more lately. And to top that many complications associated with abortions go unreported and are misdiagnosed at doctor’s offices and hospitals.

Even the media does a poor job in reporting such incidents. In fact, the bias media plays these incidents down and try to paint abortionists in a better light than many deserve. Such is the case in Mississippi where The Daily Beast did a featured story on Diane Derzis, the owner of the Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The article paints her as if she was a saint, and maybe to pro-abortionists she is, and doesn’t make any mention of any of the safety problems she had in Alabama where she was in violation of a host of safety issues.

I am constantly dumbfounded that the rights of abortionists seem to always be placed ahead of the rights of the patient. Many rulings by judges send the message that abortionists have a right to make millions of dollars performing abortions even if women get hurt or killed. Regulations for abortion clinics are so lax and unenforced that many times clinics are staffed by unqualified personnel.

I’ll leave you with the story of Suzanne who went in for an abortion and came out paralyzed from the neck down and needing a wheelchair to get around. Read more HERE.

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Facebook censors pro-life image, allows DIY abortion instructions

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Date: February 17, 2012

Contact: Andre Kim

Facebook has apologized for censoring a post by Dr. Rebecca Gomperts in which she gave instructions for a do-it-yourself chemical abortion. The popular social media site decided it was OK for the international abortion provider to teach women and girls how to do an abortion themselves at home using Misoprostol, even telling them to lie to a pharmacist to get the necessary drugs.

But Facebook has removed a graphic that shows the aftermath of an abortion: An eight-week fetus torn limb from limb and decapitated.

This week, Bryan Kemper, Youth Outreach Director for Priests for Life, and Andy Moore of created a version of the popular “What They Think I Do” graphic that have been going viral on Facebook. Their graphic was entitled “Abortionist,” and the final frame was a photo of a baby killed in an early abortion.

This image received thousands of shares and comments in a matter of hours. But this morning, Kemper found a message from Facebook explaining that the image was removed, and ordering him to remove it from any other place he had posted it on the site.

“It amazed me,” said Kemper; “Facebook will allow girls to learn how to do an abortion themselves at home with no doctor’s supervision, and encourages them to lie when obtaining the drugs necessary. But they will not allow them to see what an abortion looks like.

“I guess it is only considered censorship if you censor the pro-choice side; it’s perfectly fine in our culture to censor the pro-life message.”

Kemper has posted the image on his website at and has given permission for anyone to repost it on their blogs or websites.

He also is urging all pro-lifers to contact Facebook to protest the site’s lopsided censorship.

Click here for the DIY abortion instructions.

“I have long said that America will not end abortion until it sees abortion,” said Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life. “But those who support and profit from abortion work very hard to make sure America does not see abortion.”

Priests for Life is the nation’s largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia. For more information, visit Priests for Life.

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Pro-Life Statement on the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Today the Susan G. Komen Foundation made an announcement that appears as if they have reversed themselves on funding of Planned Parenthood.

It is unclear at this time if they have in fact reversed themselves.

What we know has happened this week was nothing short of a Mafia shakedown by Planned Parenthood against the Susan G. Komen Foundation. It was little more than a hostage-taking by an abortion bully.

Planned Parenthood told the Komen Foundation, “Either give us money or we will destroy you.” They were aided and abetted in this hostage-taking by the mainstream media.

Susan G. Komen withheld Planned Parenthood funding for two laudatory reasons: they do not fund groups under criminal investigation and they do not support groups that do not actually help women in need of breast health care.

Planned Parenthood is under legislative and criminal investigations all over this country. What’s more, Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms even though they claim they do.

What Planned Parenthood did this week was unleash their multi-million dollar fury and political might against a group wholly unprepared for such a political attack. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is a non-profit charity dedicated to curing breast cancer. Planned Parenthood is a political machine dedicated to attacking anyone and anything that stands in its way.

Planned Parenthood tried this week to utterly destroy the Susan G. Komen Foundaton and they were well on their way to doing just that. They made it abundantly clear they care more for abortion than for protecting women’s lives.

This is not the first time. When the country was debating national health care, Planned Parenthood was quite willing to kill the bill rather than allow even minor abortion restrictions in it. Later, Planned Parenthood pushed President Obama toward a government shutdown rather than allow Planned Parenthood funding restrictions in the federal budget.

Planned Parenthood has shown they care more about abortion and about protecting their funding streams than any other thing, including women’s lives.

At this point, pro-lifers should cease their support of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We should wait and see what happens. We know there are five more Komen grants to Planned Parenthood in the pipeline. If any more come up, we will know we have lost and Planned Parenthood has won and we will take appropriate actions at that time.

Pro-lifers should not regret the work we have done over the past days on this issue. We should only regret we could not have done more to make Komen strong and able to fight off the thuggish abortion giant, Planned Parenthood.

We should pray for Nancy Brinker and her colleagues at the Susan G. Komen Foundation, that they have the strength to stop funding Planned Parenthood. We should turn all of our fire on Planned Parenthood and show them for the criminal enterprise they really are.

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Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere!

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

First, this isn’t just about Herman Cain. He is definitely being treated unjustly, with all the tabloid politics and lies and totally unsubstantiated allegations. In America a person is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. Not so with Mr. Herman Cain. Evil forces fear Mr. Cain because he is a problem solver and has answers that can HEAL AMERICA. The evil naysayers profit on pain, suffering and problems, promising to solve all our ills, and never doing so. Think about how abortion promises to solve a woman’s problems but really givers her more problems at her expense!

Now, back to the purpose of this blog. What I’m really saying is that if we allow Mr. Cain to be thrown under the bus, or the train in his case, who is going to be next?

Let me digress for just a moment… I have been asked many times in the past, and in the not too distant past, “why don’t you run for president?”

I’m a human being with brown skin, which is generally considered to be Black. I’m a female, a mother and grandmother. As far as political positioning in America goes, I fall in what some call the conservative category. To sum all of this up, I try to be an honest and good person, and I love and follow Jesus. Tragically, being a good person with good moral values is not enough get someone elected to the highest office in this country and perhaps around the world.

You see, like everyone else on the planet, I’m only human with human failings, born into a world of sin, and as such, I’ve made mistakes in the past. I’ve done some things I’m not proud of and I even talk about them in public in hopes that they might help someone not make the same mistakes I’ve made. However, if people speak falsehoods about/against me, it would take a lifetime to disprove their allegations. So, other than by denying the attacks, I keep moving forward in most cases without even trying to defend myself. I generally try to let the Lord fight my battles.

As Matthew 5:10-12 says, “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

Again, people have asked me why I don’t run for President of the United States. Besides that fact that I don’t consider myself qualified to be President of the United States there are many other reasons why I wouldn’t want to run. Today’s politics are such that those who follow the Father of Lies will use any tactics to bring down those that would do good for our country. The good and righteous person lives by certain standards and lines he/she will not cross. Evil, however, has no boundaries, no standards, no lines they won’t cross.

Not all of the current candidates seeking office are doing it for power, prestige, or fame; but rather because they love America and have a desire to make this country the best it can be. The media should focus on the issues and not on tabloid politics and unsubstantiated allegations made by those that want to bring good men down.

Mr. Herman Cain is at the top of the tabloid politics hit list. Why does the opposition fear Mr. Herman Cain so much? Think about it. Herman Cain offers solutions to President Obama’s failed stimulus plan, and to the failed liberal platform that supports entitlements and handouts as a way of life. Herman Cain represents an empowerment/opportunity quality of life. Think again… If the general election features two Black men of opposing political views, and Black America hears an honest political debate, the establishment will lose a portion of their 90 percent stranglehold on the Black vote.

Slurs to a lesser degree have also been aimed at Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry. Again, tabloid style politics of any type are unacceptable and should not be tolerated by the people of this country. We the people must demand a more just political process. If someone is going to talk about another person’s character they must have irrefutable proof and not just their word. The people should demand this and so should the media.

We must demand that the media reports on the issues, and let us see the platforms of the candidates!

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Check out these other related stories.

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Let’s Slay the Dreamer Say Cain Naysayers

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011


Contact: Eugene Vigil, 757-593-9982

Statement by Alveda king

Atlanta, GA, November 9, 2011 – Once again, the American Dream is under attack. Cain naysayers hope to ‘slay the dreamer.’ The establishment is horrified by Mr. Cain because of what he represents. Mr. Cain is the epitome of the American dream; he grew up poor, worked his way up to success through hard work using a work ethic he inherited from his father and mother. He’s a true bootstraps story.

Mr. Cain is the fulfillment of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream. He lived the Black American experience in the South and, by the content of his character – not the color of his skin, he has studied hard, worked hard, successfully run corporations, had a successful radio show and now aspires to the office of President of the United States. Like Martin Luther King, Mr. Cain graduated from Morehouse College, is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and is not a politician. Mr. Cain has done all this because he loves this country and not out of some sense of self-importance.

If the general presidential election features two black men of opposing political views and Black America has an honest political debate, the Democrats would lose a portion of their 90% stranglehold on the Black vote.

If we have an honest discussion on whether the war on poverty should be fought with welfare or with economic growth in the private sector, Democrats will lose Black votes. When Mr. Cain says that our welfare system has held blacks back, and that it promotes single parent households, that it kills incentive and breeds a culture of, helplessness; he is correct. As this truth resonates, the establishment knows that we will see more blacks becoming economic conservatives. So their answer? Slay the dreamer.

When Mr. Cain says that abortion is bad business, and is hurting America and denying our youngest the civil right to, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that is a dangerous discussion.

This is all a dangerous discussion for President Obama and the establishment to have. A strong, charismatic Black conservative like Mr. Cain on such a large platform is dangerous; he threatens their voting bloc. Not only does the Cain policy threaten them, but also the fact that his life story personifies his policy rocks the establishment. What are their options? Mr. Cain’s opponents will use the media in their attempts to assassinate Mr. Cain’s character.

Sounds like history in action here; Joseph was accused of sexual harassment by Potiphar’s wife. Sampson was targeted by Delilah. Am I suggesting that sexual harassment doesn’t exist? Of course not: I was a victim of what some consider to be sexual harassment as a young woman.

When I went for a job interview, the male interviewer commented that I had pretty legs, and he looked at my legs. I responded in this manner: Sir, I am someone’s wife, mother and daughter. Would you like the women you care about to have an experience like this? His eyes immediately turned to my job application and he asked: “when can you report for your competence exam?” I was offered that job. No court, no attempt to destroy his character, just a correction which was received.

These baseless allegations about Mr. Cain remind us of the story of The Crucible, where many people lied and said they “saw Goody dance with the devil”, when in fact they were trying to cover up acts which they themselves were involved in, with the hopes that the strength of numbers of the accusers would lead to hysteria and make their allegations more believable. The Crucible teaches us that we must not be swayed by the number of the accusers but the validity of the accusations. These are political ploys by the establishment to attempt a high tech lynching akin to racial profiling in a vicious attempt to eliminate this man who has the courage to present life affirming solutions for America’s problems.

Someone please call 9-9-9.

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Hear Day Gardner and Alveda King on Alveda’s new radio show “Changing Your Community”

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Changing Your Community with hosts Emmanuel Boose and Alveda King will be on this Sunday at

They will be discussing Day’s recent press release, which can be found at

Day Gardner of National Black Pro-Life Union Agrees with Herman Cain, Planned Parenthood is ‘Planned Genocide’
Contact: Maggie, 410-760-3326,

WASHINGTON, Nov. 4, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ — The following is submitted by Day Gardner of the National Black Pro-Life Union:
The ’60s were an incredible time for black people. We were truly united in breaking down color barriers and the walls of inequality. We demanded our right to life and liberty and we pursued happiness. America opened her doors. While some of those doors flung open with ease — most had to be pried open with a crowbar or destroyed by a battering ram.

In pursuit of the American Dream we didn’t even notice the black hole of abortion swallowing us up — butchering black babies by the millions. Even our clergy and community leaders became blinded by the money, greed and political power that dangled in front of them. Black doctors, lawyers, educators, movie stars and business owners — looked to own the “Huxtable” life style of bigger houses, powerful titles, and flashier cars.

Hallelujah! We weren’t slaves anymore, we weren’t second class citizens anymore, but we weren’t “average” Americans either — instead we became a sought after voting block. We were so blinded by the bling of our own selfishness that we never even noticed that not everybody boarded the freedom train.

Our so-called black leaders even side-stepped Martin Luther King’s “Dream” for America — they focused on becoming self important demi-gods and didn’t care who they had to step on or how many little bodies had to be crushed to get there. Even members of the clergy turned their backs on the truth of God to satisfy their own appetite for massive churches preaching hollow God-less messages of live for today, garner wealth today — kill your child today — if he’s in your way, it’s okay!

According to the Bible children are “wealth.” According to God’s word children are a “heritage” and a “reward” and a “gift!”

The truth is Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger initiated the Negro Project in 1939. She hired black ministers and community leaders to sell abortion and sterilization to black congregations and neighborhoods in order to keep in her words, “human weeds” from growing — to eliminate us as a people. Black ministers back then bought in to her idea hook, line and sinker — and indeed, we have sunk — to the very depths of hell.

Today Planned Parenthood’s business model is still the same. Planned Parenthood still hires blacks to be the “delivery boy” with the message that if you are pregnant and young, single or poor the only answer is to kill your child. They say to hell with what God wants for you and His precious “gift” — kill that baby!

The Alan Gutmacher Institute which is the research arm of Planned Parenthood admits that more than 75% of all abortion clinics are purposefully placed in black/minority neighborhoods. Planned Parenthood workers have been caught on tape salivating … ready to receive money donated to specifically kill black babies.

Former black leader and Presidential hopeful Rev. Jesse Jackson once spoke adamantly and passionately about the un-Godly act of abortion. He stated: “Life is the highest human good not on its own naturalistic merits, but because life is supernatural, a gift from God.” He went on to say, “It takes three to make a baby: a man, a woman and the Holy Spirit.” He was a powerhouse — until he ran for President in 1984 — deciding that his political aspirations were much more important than the lives of babies and even more important than his relationship with the God he once served. Like Judas, he betrayed the innocent for 30 pieces of silver.

Enter Herman Cain. For the first time in a very long time we are seeing a different kind of candidate. He is fearless in that he is not shying away from difficult questions or issues. Planned Parenthood is a billion dollar abortion chain that has had a genocidal impact on the black community and Cain is not afraid to say so. Children are denied their most basic human right — which is the right to life; a right which our ancestors so proudly worked for, marched for and many of them died for.

Herman Cain realizes every American is an important and a vital piece of the fabric that makes this country great. Herman Cain is on the freedom train. He is a courageous business man — with a plan for all of America and I want that in a president.

All aboard!

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Shame on the Pro-Abortion Community

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Dear Friends, the pro-abortion community has no shame about lying. This billboard expired, yet they want to say they forced it down. Shame on them. Please visit this blog by prolife colleague Ryan Bomberger.

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Is The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Afraid of the Truth?

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

When Margaret Sanger award recipient, and Atlanta Journal-Constitution Columnist, Cynthia Tucker derided Dr. Johnny Hunter in her recent April 13th article, The Radiance Foundation responded. Despite much back and forth with the AJC Editor, he ultimately decided not to print our Op-Ed, nor our much reduced Letter to the Editor that he requested.

WE HAVE TO TAKE ON THESE “JOURNALISTS”. We must heighten our engagement of our local print media as well as those online and not allow them to go unchallenged.

Read the Op-Ed on

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Any study that pretends that to destroy ones baby is normal and psychologically, emotionally and spiritually free of any negative consequences is rubbish.

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Dr. Theresa Burke, Founder and Executive Director of Rachel’s Vineyard and Pastoral Associate for Priests for Life. Below are comments made by her regarding the Danish study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

A person’s immediate emotional response to a traumatic event does not solely determine whether or not that person will suffer the symptoms of trauma. A considerable period of time may intervene between the trauma-causing event and the traumatic reaction. For example, imagine a new terrorist recruit who is instructed to throw a bomb over a wall. At the sound of the explosion, the young terrorist may actually feel powerful rather than helpless, courageous rather than fearful, jubilant rather than horrified. But if the young bomb thrower later walks around the wall and sees the bodies of his victims, his emotional response might be instantly changed. Though in his mind he knew what to expect, the horror of actually seeing the results of his act may overwhelm his intellectual justifications for doing what “had to be done.” If he subsequently develops symptoms of hyper-arousal, intrusion and constriction, he has developed PTSD.

Similarly, for many women, the traumatic nature of their abortion is not fully released until some subsequent event triggers a fuller understanding of everything that has happened. In the case of abortion, PTSD symptoms can obviously be triggered by exposure to the ghastly image of a dismembered fetus. But a similar sense of horror can also be triggered by what are normally wonderful experiences. Any experience that arouses a sense of awe about the value of life can trigger the release of a traumatic reaction to a past abortion. From such a summit of awe, the memory of having been involved in an abortion may suddenly appear to be a terrible horror.

We can see the nation’s traumatic reaction to the “house of horrors” in Philadelphia, where abortionist Dr. Gosnell was recently charged with murder. The Doctor had his own trauma inspired collection of baby body parts, with a particular fetish for fetus feet, openly displayed in every crevice of the clinic, including the refrigerator where employees kept their lunches! When we actually imagine the result of abortion violence stuffed in jars, and we hear about the blood splattered walls of the poor women who died during abortion — we can recognize the disgusting horror that abortion is. And in case you agree with Philadelphia’s Mayor Ed Rendell who thinks we need to make abortion “safe for the fetus!” you’re in a serious pathological state of denial. Philadelphia’s nightmare clinic differs little from abortion clinics across the country, or from inside the minds of moms and dads who regret their choice and suffer nightmares, intrusive imagery, depression anxiety and addictions. They end up with the same violently dismembered dead babies – but most clinics at least try to dispose of the evidence. And the hundreds of women who have died by legal abortion, or commit suicide because of abortion, or go on to have multiple abortions as a symptom of trauma – well, this is outside the realm of confounding variables that activist researchers want to highlight. Please spare us the lies and “scientific” cover-up.

Mothers know the sad truth — those who have suffered the loss of a child through abortion have endured an unspeakable trauma – a hideous unspoken violence.

I’ve spent the last 25 years counseling women whose hearts and minds have been fractured by abortion in Rachel’s Vineyard weekends for healing after abortion. Our program has spread to 30 countries and is conducted in 10 languages. That’s because women and men are hurting and haunted by the memory and reality of abortion. My book Forbidden Grief – The Unspoken Pain of Abortion provides information and research about abortion trauma and over 300 pages of compelling evidence.

The testimonies of hundreds of women and men in the Silent No More Awareness Campaign share the voice of experience that won’t be translated any time soon into studies funded by Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes and advocates of abortion. That would not be good for business. That’s why most people promoting abortion suffer from hyper-arousal and a need to blatantly deny the pain, the mental illness, the horror. They want us all to pretend that to destroy one’s baby is normal and psychologically, emotionally and spiritually free of any negative consequences. That’s rubbish – not reality. There appears to be a disturbing collusion by agenda driven researchers who masquerade activism as science, and as long as abortion is debated, these misguided representations of science actually shape public policy, legislation, and individual choices, to insure that the money and lies keep flowing along with the blood of babies and the tears of broken hearted mothers.

Theresa Burke, Ph.D., LPC, NCP
Founder, Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries

For a critique of the flawed methodology in the Danish Study please read Dr. Pricilla Coleman’s response.

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Latest Study on Abortion and Mental Health Minimizes Womens Trauma Say Silent No More Leaders

Friday, January 28th, 2011

January 27, 2011

Contacts: Daniel Matejek
888-735-3448, ext. 251
Georgette Forney

Staten Island, NY – Leaders of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, the world’s largest network of individuals harmed by abortion, today slammed a new Danish study published in the New England Journal of Medicine that purports to show that abortion does not increase the risk of subsequent mental health problems.

“This so-called study doesn’t consider women who have emotional or mental health problems after an abortion, but who don’t check themselves into psychiatric hospitals or clinics,” said Janet Morana, co-founder of the SNMAC. “If you suffer depression because of your abortion, turn to drugs or alcohol, or have suicidal thoughts and don’t seek professional help, this study counts you as being just fine.”

The study examined the health records of Danish women who had first trimester abortions and who had not had prior abortions. It measured how many of these women went to psychiatric hospitals or outpatient clinics within one year of their abortions.

“It’s as if the people who designed this report set it up to exclude women at the greatest risk to suffer post-abortion problems – those having repeat abortions or having abortions after thirteen weeks of pregnancy,” added Georgette Forney, another SNMAC co-founder. “Frankly, for the thousands of us who have stepped forward publicly and the many more who endure the pain of abortion privately, it’s outrageous to hear abortion apologists say that we don’t exist.”

Dr. Alveda King, a SNMAC spokeswoman, also commented on the structure of the study. “I know from my own experience that the weight and trauma of your abortion may not hit you until long after it’s over. For this study to exclude the many women like me only tells me that it was not looking for the truth.”

Theresa Burke, psychologist, author, and founder of the Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries for post-abortive women and men, adds to Dr. King’s comments. “I’ve spent the last 25 years counseling women whose hearts and minds have been fractured by abortion. For many women, the traumatic nature of their abortion is not fully released until some subsequent event triggers a fuller understanding of everything that has happened. Any study that pretends that to destroy one’s baby is normal and psychologically, emotionally and spiritually free of any negative consequences is rubbish.”

Since the launching of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign in 2003, 3,877 women and men have shared their testimonies publicly at over 572 gatherings in 48 states and ten countries where more than 110,830 attendees have heard the truth about abortion’s negative aftereffects. More than 9,027 people are registered to be Silent No More. Raising awareness about the hurtful aftermath of abortion and the help that is available to cope with the pain are two of the Campaign’s goals.

The Silent No More Awareness Campaign is a joint project of Anglicans for Life and Priests for Life. For more information, please visit our website:

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