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Alveda King: MTV Mom Told Same Abortion Lie Decades Later

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

By Stephanie Samuel-Christian Post Reporter

Dr. Alveda King sympathized with the star of MTV’s abortion special, saying that abortionists told her the same “a little ball of cells” lie too.

King and the post-abortive women’s group, Silent No More Awareness Campaign, said the MTV television special chronicling the abortion of young Florida mom Markai Durham shows that abortion counselors are still telling the same lines to persuade women that abortion does not harm babies.

“I ached for Markai,” King shared in a statement about the show. “Before one of my abortions, Planned Parenthood told me that my baby was ‘just a clump of cells.’ Decades later, this beautiful young mother was told the same lie.”

Georgette Forney, the co-founder of SNMAC, commented, “My heart broke for Markai, not just for her difficult situation, but for the lack of counseling she received.”

On the Tuesday airing of the episode “No Easy Decision,” Durham, an alumna of the MTV show “16 and Pregnant,” agonized with her mom, boyfriend and friends whether or not she should seek an abortion after discovering she is pregnant for the second time as a young, unmarried woman.

“I knew abortion was out there, I just never thought it would be an option for me,” deliberated Durham with the father, James Worsham.

The show depicts Durham making the call to a clinic for information. The clinic counselor told her about the two types of abortion – medication-induced and surgical. She described surgical abortion as “using gentle suction to remove the pregnancy.”

When Durham asks about how she will feel afterwards, the counselor said, “A lot of women after an abortion feel a mixture of many different emotions. You might feel relieved. You might feel sad. It kinda depends [on where] you are before the procedure. If you’re really stressed out about it, it might be a relief to have it over with.”

The counselor did not mention feelings of guilt, depression, and suicidal thoughts – all feelings and emotion post-abortive women report feeling. Also the counselor did not mention possible physical injury that could result from the surgical abortion.

Durham, who received a surgical abortion, cried several times throughout the documentary. She expressed she ultimately chose an abortion because a second child would pose a financial strain on the quality of life her first child, Za’Kari, would have.

After the abortion, Durham was visible shaken. She got upset and cried when Worsham called their unborn child a thing. “We made the decision but, like, I wonder if we could have made a better [one],” she said later.

Forney expressed sadness for Durham situation and also her lack of information.

“This abortion decision was driven by economics, but no one told Markai about the help available to her from pregnancy resource centers,” said Forney.

According to, pregnancy centers offer expecting mother resources and referrals for abortion alternatives, parenting help and housing assistance. The centers also provide counseling for those who have already received an abortion.

SNMAC also offers resources and referrals to post-abortive counseling and retreats for men and women.

“I pray that Markai and all women like her will seek true healing and restoration from a caring post-abortion program,” said King.

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New York Pregnancy Centers Still Battle Anti-Free Speech Law

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Steve Ertelt
Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pregnancy centers helping women find abortion alternatives in New York City continue to battle the city council and its attempt to limits its free speech.

The city council is considering a measure that would place stringent limits on the advertising pregnancy centers use and require them to post signs designed to dissuade women from seeking their abortion alternatives services.

Christine Quinn, the City Council speaker, and Councilwoman Jessica Lappin are behind the proposed ordinance. Should the measure be approved, one pro-life legal group is planning to sue the city over the law.

But Christopher Slattery of Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers is hoping the efforts his group of pregnancy centers are launching will help stop the bill in its tracks.

“We’re in the middle of a major battle with the New York City Council over their proposed free-speech-muzzle Bill #371 and tomorrow we kick off a five week ad campaign featuring Dr. Alveda King, Martin Luther King, Jr’s niece to defeat the bill,” he explained an email received.

“We will air two different spots: a 60 second spot on WMCA-570AM, and 970 AM-The Apple, and a 30 second ad on WCBS-880AM, WINS-News 1010AM,” Slattery added. “We are spending over $12,000 on our initial four New York radio station buy to drive folks to our new petition and informational website.”

Slattery says the record of success at the centers proves how much they are needed in America’s largest city. They provide free services inside 12 centers and clinics in five counties and on the streets of the South Bronx with their mobile clinics including free ultrasounds, subsidized pre-natal care, supplies for moms and kids, ongoing care and love, adoption aid and spiritual guidance..

“EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers in New York City were able to Save close to 3,000 moms and their babies from a certain abortion in the abortion capital of America in 2010,” he said.

He estimates anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 women will be helped at the centers in 2011 “who would otherwise fall prey to the largest concentration of abortion centers in the United States.”

“Without any changes in law we have been able to save over 38,000 children from abortion. EMC’s effective life-saving system is the best possible way to save the tens of thousands of children at great risk here,” he concluded.

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From Conception To Natural Death: Pro-Life Means Pro-Family

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Recently we have been getting a lot of questions on why the pro-life movement only cares about stopping abortions. We are accused of saying, “Don’t kill your baby” and then disappearing from the lives of the mothers. Actually, the reverse is true. It begins with saying, “Jesus loves you and your baby. Let us help you.” And we can help!

Really being pro-life means caring and supporting the mother from conception to natural death. For example, the Pro-Life Pro-Family Coalition was formed for this very purpose from the beginning. The organization was founded in 1985, to save the lives of unborn babies and the family. Founded by Rev. Micah Crawford Sr., the organization is now run by his son Dr. Micah Crawford Jr. They have been, not only saving babies, but helping the family for over 25 years.

In January of this year Priests for Life collaborated with Foundation for African Cultural Heritage (RACH) on a project entitled “Stable, Strong & Happy Families.” Although ending abortion was one of the topics discussed, it was among many other topics about family values, building strong marriages, women empowerment and a host of other life affirming topics. Priests for Life not only wants to save the babies but also wants to help the mothers as is evident by their resource page on their website. Resources that cover every aspect from resources for being able to raise a healthy baby like parenting classes, medical, financial and personal assistance to adoption resources, if the mother decides to make an adoption plan.

There are so many Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) all over the United States that are ready, able, and willing to talk to you and present you with options besides abortion. Unlike Planned Parenthood, which profits greatly from their abortion services, CPCs do not profit if you choose life for your baby. Their reward is in Heaven and, of course, the joy of seeing the picture of your newborn baby.

Choosing life for your baby does not mean that you will be left alone. Being pro-life means we care about all human life. In fact, even if you’ve had an abortion and need help, we can help. There is help through groups like Rachel’s Vineyard and Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

So the next time someone says that pro-lifers don’t care about you once they have your baby, ask them, “Why are you lying to me?” then tell them, “Alveda said that they do care and will help me, not just my baby.” This next part is optional, but then you can say to him/her, “I’ll say a prayer for you” – but really mean it.

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Satan Is Alive And Running Scared

Friday, November 5th, 2010

A new trend is running on Twitter. Someone with the clever Twitter name @IAmDrTiller tweeted, “Time for us to come out. Who’s had an abortion? Show antis we’re not intimidated by scare tactics. Use #ihadanabortion.”

So pro-aborts are beginning to worry about the new direction the elections and the newly elected pro-life politicians might take this country in. This new tactic is despicable and what’s more despicable is the response. We are ready for their new tweet attack.

The campaign has gone viral and we in the pro-life movement must join the conversation. To allow them to promote abortions as a victimless evil is not an option. Abortion is an evil that claims several: the baby, the mother, the father and other family members, and yes even our society as a whole. We as citizens of these United States do not live in individual bubbles. What someone does effects others around them.

Another thing about abortion is that many times the effects of the abortion are not realized for years later. Many of times those effects go unnoticed or dismissed as being caused by other life events. Abortion is murder. How can a person murder their baby, a part of them, and not feel remorse, bad, sad, guilt, and a sense of emptiness, either now or years later?

But the good news is that there is help. If you’ve had an abortion, even if you’re proud of it now and not ashamed, and the time comes when you feel you need to talk to someone, Rachel’s Vineyard is here for you. If you want hear from those that have had abortions and have found healing and forgiveness, go to Silent No More Awareness and listen to their testimonies.

We are glad @IAmDrTiller started the dialogue that is bringing much needed awareness to the subject of abortion and the effects it has on our society. Satan always tries new things to destroy our souls but our God turns the tables on him and brings victory. Good will always triumph over evil.

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The Ridiculousness Of The Argument

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

I get a lot of email everyday with information about everything having to do with a host of topics from pro-life issues to politics. Although I have taken myself out of the political arena, I still like to keep abreast of what is happening so I can make an educated vote. But as for email regarding pro-life issues, I like to delve into those much deeper and speak to issues that need to be brought to people’s attention. Even though I don’t get a chance to read every single one of them, I pay particular attention to those dealing with abortion as that is what I’ve felt most led by the Holy Spirit to address.

Now normally when someone hears the word “abortion” one thinks about an already pregnant woman going to a doctor and either having a medical or a chemical abortion whereby she aborts and already developing baby, usually anywhere from a few weeks to as far along as 26 weeks. Not too many people consider the other kind of abortions that probably occurs for more often but is never counted in the statistics collected by medical agencies. I’m talking about abortive contraception. Not the contraception that prevents the fertilization of an egg but the contraceptive medications that stops a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus or ones that abort an already implanted fertilized egg.

Today I read an email about a webcast entitled “What They Won’t Tell You About ella and Abortion.” So I did some research which led me to an article about the newly approved morning after pill, ella, that is supposed to be a new wonder pill, an improved version of Plan B. In the article featured on “the Stir, a cafemom Blog,” written by Amy Kuras, Amy poses such flawed arguments as, “ella only works for five days after unprotected sex, and because of that you’ll never know if there was a fertilized egg in play or not. And a fertilized egg, without implanting in the uterus, does not a baby make. Essentially what ella does is cover the bases a little better than Plan B, which only remains fully effective for three days after unprotected sex, if you happened to have an oops encounter while you were ovulating.”, “[s]o what if it does block implantation of a fertilized egg?” and “[w]omen who are taking emergency contraception emphatically, seriously, absolutely do not want to get pregnant.” And then she goes on to compare real people to a movie character and a television character. Then, immediately states that maybe it is a tragedy “[i]f you believe life begins the minute sperm meets egg.” Although an advocate for reproductive choice, Amy makes a better argument for life.

First she states that it doesn’t matter if you abort a baby if you don’t know that that baby actually exists as if that would make it okay. I can just see the legal arguments for the bombing of a mall, “but your honor, when I detonated the bomb, I didn’t know if there were any people in there.” Not sure that would fly. Whether you know or don’t know that your aborting a baby doesn’t detract from the fact that the baby is being aborted.

Then there’s the “a fertilized egg, without implanting in the uterus, does not a baby make” argument which is false on its face. As Jennifer Mason points out in her article, Wikipedia states that “Development begins with fertilization, the process by which the male gamete, the sperm cell, and the female gamete, the egg, fuse to produce a zygote.” And she further states that “a new human being – a person – is present from the beginning of biological development, which very clearly means the fusion of sperm and oocyte, when, as world-renowned geneticist Dr. Jerome LeJeune stated, “After fertilization has taken place a new human being has come into being. [It] is no longer a matter of taste or opinion…it is plain experimental evidence. Each individual has a very neat beginning, at conception.” Later she then admits that it could be a tragedy “[i]f you believe life begins the minute sperm meets egg. It’s not a matter of believing but a matter of truth, a fact.

And an “oops encounter?” What is that all about? Oops, I accidentally had unprotected sex. Oops I accidentally got pregnant. She’s not talking about running into someone as you round a corner, that’s an “oops encounter.” Asking that person to have sex with her is not an “oops encounter.” Do we in our society lack that much self-control that we are now referring to having sex as an “oops encounters?”

Next, the fact that “[w]omen who are taking emergency contraception emphatically, seriously, absolutely do not want to get pregnant” is not a good reason for taking the stand that taking an abortive pill is okay. Now if you want to argue that they maybe should not engage in sexual encounters that would lead to pregnancy, then I’m behind you all the way. But lacking the self-control to have sex and then aborting a baby that may result from that “oops encounter” is not even remotely okay.

And finally, Amy states that the option of killing a baby is preferable and that “the greater tragedy would be children brought into the world unwanted and unloved.” The first falsehood is that the birth of a child is a tragedy. Children are gifts of love from our creator, not a tragedy. Secondly, even if the mother does not want or love the baby, there are plenty of families that wound not only want and love that baby but are constantly praying for the opportunity to have or adopt a baby. There is no such thing as an unwanted and unloved child. The only tragedy is the taking of that child’s life through abortion, whether in the doctor’s office/clinic or at home the day after he/she is conceived.

What Amy didn’t mention are the possible side effects of using birth control, especially, chemical birth control, like ella, which are numerous and staggering. The facts that they don’t want you to know can be read here. Some say that ella works similar to the abortion pill, Ru-486. Information on this is also given at this website.

The elections are just 7 days away and a chance to elect those that would fight for all human rights, even the most vulnerable in our society, the unborn. Vote pro-life. God Bless you all and God Bless America!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

In honor of the true spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, wear the Silent No More Awareness pin instead of the pink ribbon touted by Susan G. Komen and other Planned Parenthood supporting organizations. Breast cancer is linked to abortion and artificial birth control methods. We must be Silent No More…

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How Does It Affect The Children

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

In the news today is a story by Jill Stanek about a nurse who works at an abortion killing center and the affects it had on her daughter. It recounts the horrific things the daughter went through as she grew up with a “feminist” mother. Abigail Seidman recounts the “celebration” her mother gave her when she had her abortion and referring to the abortion she said, “When it was over, Abigail’s mother looked at her with tears in her eyes and told her how proud she was. Despite Abigail’s previous academic and artistic accomplishment, she realized “this was the only time in my life that my mother had ever said she was proud of me.” And responding to the interviewer’s question regarding the abortion worship she had heard so much about, Abigail said, “It is very real,” she explained. “It can sound fantastical, but some go so far as to worship death goddesses like Kali and Hecate and consider abortion to be a form of sacrifice. They are often obsessed with their menstruation and blood as well.” Sound familiar. (See blog of Sept. 28, 2010 below)

Here is an excerpt from Abigail’s testimony”

“It is important to recognize and effectively counter the culture of death that drives the abortion industry. Most people who are pro-choice have no idea about it. If they have given the issue any thought at all, they view it as either a religious one – “Christians hate women and sex” – or a civil-rights one – “Women have the right to make their own reproductive decisions.” Many are unaware of the scientific facts about fetal development. Many are unaware of the statistics and medical facts regarding miscarriages, infertility, infection, ectopic pregnancy, difficult births, cancers and mental-health issues that so often occur in post-abortive women. Many are unaware of the non-religious arguments against abortion.”

Just earlier this week we told you about Rebecca Walker, another mother who also had grown up with a “feminist” mother. Both tell of their ordeal and how they had been raised to hate men, and view abortion as the solution to many problems. But nothing is further from the truth.

Please read the stories of Abigail Seidman and Rebecca Walker and see the similarities in what they were told and how they discovered the real truth.

The last time we blogged about Rebecca Walker, someone commented that not all feminist are like the ones in these stories. We agree and think it’s important to point out that there are groups out there doing good work like Feminists for Life and Susan B. Anthony List. I think that the difference is in the feminist’s moral values as both Abigail and Rebecca had to find out the hard way.

If you find yourself pregnant and alone and you don’t know how you can raise a child, there are other available options that abortion. There are also many organizations that are ready, willing, and able to help you find out the best solution for you. All you need to do is take the first step and call. Here is a link to abortion alternatives.

If you or anyone you know has been affected, coerced or traumatized by anti-life/pro-abortion feminist tactics, there is a support network. Please email me at

God bless you.

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Tell the Whole Story

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

HBO’s documentary 12th and Delaware depicts the strategies crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) use in order to persuade women to choose alternatives to having an abortion. While portraying the CPCs as manipulative and deceptive, the documentary fails to use any testimonies of women and families which Pregnancy Care Centers have blessed. As is the case with all things, there are always going to be a few rotten apples in every basket, but to not tell the whole story is irresponsible. Grady, one of the show’s producers, says of the center in the film, it “uses a lot of alarming, scary language and photographs that you don’t typically see in a doctor’s office. If I was an 18-year-old girl that was in crisis, that would really scare me.” An abortion is a surgical procedure, it is graphic, and they should be scared. The truth can sometimes be scary and graphic. But what these graphic pictures also depict is that what is being aborted is an actual human being, just like you or me, but smaller and defenseless. Now talk about scary: did you know that having an abortion can lead to other health problems, emotional problems, relational problems, suicide ideation and suicide attempts, and yes, even death? But the abortion facilities won’t tell you that. Most of the CPCs are constantly going through training in order to better serve their clients. Their goal is to help these women, not hurt them.

Check out organizations like Heartbeat International and Care-Net to see the wonderful work they are doing.

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