Children are a blessing from God!

Princeton ethicist Peter Singer, who has previously said that parents should be allowed to euthanize their children born with severe physical disabilities, wrote in an e-mail to the Big Think website that he would also include children with developmental disabilities, such as Down’s syndrome, as eligible for euthanasia. Saying there is no way to determine which conditions would make a child eligible for termination, Singer said, “It depends on the family’s wishes.” Why he chose to send it to the Think Big website is puzzling since the thinking behind his statements is small. To think that any person has the right to decide the value of another person’s life is ridiculous. People with disabilities have value and can many times contribute a lot to our society.

Children, all children, are a blessing, even those which are not ‘perfect’ by the world’s standards. “The difficult decision is whether you want this infant to live or not,” says Singer. “That should be a decision for the parents and doctors to make on the basis of the fullest possible information about what the condition is. But once you’ve made that decision, it should be permissible to make sure that baby dies swiftly and humanely.” If we follow Singer’s logic, next we will be euthanizing anyone who becomes disabled during the course of their life.

First of all, the decision as to whether a person lives or dies is a decision that belongs to God, and God alone. Secondly, even if a parent/family is choosing to euthanize an infant to spare that child from a life if suffering, it is still morally wrong to kill another human being. No one wants to see a loved one suffer, young or old. But is euthanizing them going to relieve just their suffering or ours too?

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  2. Sue says:

    So, if Mr. Singer gets disabled, how will he feel if his family decides to put him to death? Will he have the same thoughts?

  3. Theresa Dorsey says:

    It amazing how someone who was blessed with the gift of life can so choose to terminate a life. I am the proud mother of an 11 year old boy with Down Syndrome. This child is a gift from God. He is an awesome, amazing affectionate child who is not limited by his disablility. I give him the love he needs and he flourishes and is exceeding goals that have been set for him. I had the option to abort, it was recommended but all I could think about was that he was a planned child, I was pregnant when I wanted to be and I ask God to bless me with a boy. My question to the doctor was “instead of telling me to abort, tell me about Down Syndrome and how to take care of this child.” I have never supported abortion, I think its each persons decision. But for me, I am so glad that I have this child to love and nurture. God Bless

  4. The Void says:

    I should point out that Peter singer would never condone euthanising an adult human being – what is morally important to him is the mental faculties that make a human a person, and these are not fully developed at birth.

  5. alv3d@ says:

    Peter Singer does beleive in infancide. This is the beginning of a slippery slope with no end in sight. Life, ALL LIFE, is valuable is should be protected. Not all life if valuable to everyone but is certainly valuable to someone. We cannot say that one life has more value that another. All life must be protected.

  6. Marguerite says:

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