Dr. Freda Bush says many are “Hooked”

In their new book, Dr. Freda Bush and Dr. Joe S. McIlhaney Jr. say that the human brain is so phenomanal that we are programmed for sex in such a way that if we we start early, and fall into lust rather than purposeful sex, the cycle is real. Please review the book.
This is scientific evidence of the soul ties that many teach about. There are good soul ties and bad soul ties. Our ties to our families, friends, communities that are life affirming and nurturing are not a problem, and in many instances are edifying. On the other hand, soul ties that lead into sin are not blessings! Please, read the book.
Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex Is Affecting Our Children
By: Joe S. McIlhaney Jr. M.D., Freda McKissic Bush M.D
Scientific research shows how sexual activity releases brain chemicals that trigger emotional bonding and a powerful desire to repeat the activity. Today’s young adults have discovered that “hooking up” is easy and addictive. Offering a Christian “philosophy of sexuality,” Drs. McIlhaney and Bush help parents and singles understand why “safe sex” isn’t safe at all. Hardcover.

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  1. Skyridercavu says:

    Wish I could be there. Instead of teaching the “children” how to raise their children and prevent STD’s, I firmly believe that they should be taught morals and responsibilities associated with creating life (having sex). Many of these “children” have 0 (zero) to little parenting skills because their parents did not teach them. Shame on those parents. My wife is a teacher and has witnessed children, 7th and 8th graders mind you, bragging about either being pregnant or getting some girl pregnant. Some of these politicians don’t have a clue about some of the laws that they are entrusted by their constituents to vote wisely on.

    As far as “no child left behind”….how do you feel about your “normal” (as in IQ and morals) child or grandchild being placed with students who are known by their teachers to be possible sociopath’s or mentally deficient, but because the law states “no child left behind”, they are continually mixed in and hamper those students who truly want to learn and make something of their lives. If a teacher dares to speak out she/he faces either expulsion, termination and/or a lawsuit.

    One recent example in a local school occurred when 2 students were misbehaving (6th graders) by jumping around and scratching their armpits while the teacher was trying to conduct a class. (You can imagine what they were imitating) When the teacher told them to settle down and “stop acting like monkeys” she was rewarded when the parents cried “racism” by being given 2 days suspension while the misbehaving children bragged about their feat. Does that make any sense?

    These are Americas future and the adults are not doing a very good job of raising them.

    And all the while we are out there trying to save the world.

  2. Vince Gibbs says:

    I heard you interview with Dr. Dobson and the description of the sexual act was right on! That was my first seeing the connection between sex and the depressiojn and the bonding that will occur for girls. This is a seachange is understanding what has been happening with our girls. I now know that the touching and hugging is not harmless as it’s been portrayed . I am looking further at this from role as minister and I will study this more and bring you data to our youg people. Thank you Pastor Vince Gibbs New Beginning Church of Christ

  3. Vince Gibbs says:

    Thank you for the bondijng information about young girls.

  4. Smithg546 says:

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