Genocide: Is It Alive In America Today?

Today I was looking over a recent report put out by Life Dynamics entitled “Racial Targeting and Population Control. The report basically confirms and proves what I and many other prominent Black pro-life leaders have been saying, namely that the Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry are targeting minorities, Blacks in particular.

“The researchers set forth with the goal of mapping every abortion facility and Planned Parenthood center in the nation against population and racial demographic data sorted by zip code. They wanted to determine not only whether abortion centers were located in zip codes with high black and Hispanic populations but whether the black and Hispanic populations in the zip codes where abortion businesses were located exceeded the total percentage of the population of the particular state as a whole in terms of its minority population,” reports Steven Ertelt of And the numbers don’t lie.

Data shows that in state after state the majority of abortion facilities are located in ZIP codes that are two-and-a-half times as likely to be disproportionately minority as not.

If you wish to look at the report and figure out all the tables and data click here. For a very good article that breaks up the data and gives it to you in an easily understandable matter see Stevens’ article.

The results were staggering leaving no doubt that genocide is alive and, unfortunately, doing well in America. Sadly, many Black leaders in America are silent as the money machine of the abortion industry undoubtedly pays for their silence; and not just their silence but also their assistance in pushing the abortion industry’s agenda.

So, please pray with us as we pray for the end of abortion in America and around the world.

3 Responses to “Genocide: Is It Alive In America Today?”

  1. Anne Simon says:

    From what I’ve read, Planned Parenthood has been racist about abortions from the beginning – going back to founder Margaret Sanger…

  2. Patricia Austin says:

    Ms. King,
    As a veteran of the United States Army, I can assure you for the last 33 years genocide is alive and well. I became pregnant in my first year of service (1979) and was sent to a field training exercise. My next prenatal appointment was about a month later. The lab tests, weight gain and general health were abnormal. I was never told about vaccinations, infections (bacterial and viral) throughout my career. My daughter developed a antibiotic resistant bacteria infection (klebsiella pneumoniac). I was never told that her life was hanging by a thread until the 12th day, antibiotics began to work on her fever. When she was 19, her son was diagnosed with RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) a lung condition. At any rate, 33yrs later I realize this year why the Veterans Administration (hospitals) stops my medications and medical treatment. If I use an outside speciality clinic (cardiology, rheumatology, etc.), they deny my benefit requests for compensation. It has taken me 19 years to figure out why. They have no intention of treating me. I have been a walking dead lab rat for 33 years. Three generations of my immediate family to include children (ages 14 – 65) have been infected by autoimmune diseases, HTN, thyroid, respiratory, digestive, and reproductive (miscarriages, early hysterectomy) systems

  3. Patricia Austin says:


    This film opened my eyes. I was watching Pastor Rod Parsley last year and saw the commentary. I called several people to get them to request a copy. If we have female children in military service, they should be given a physical and blood test every time they come home on leave. The blood test is life changing in early detection. It takes about 20 years to manifest diseases and disability is assured. Infertility is certain and then, death. Female soldiers who are unwed are prime unsuspecting targets. They will never know what hit them, unless there’s a medical emergency.

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