Giving “teeth” to President Obama’s no abortion funding Executive Order

“What if the 90+ percent of African American voters who helped to elect President Obama began to blog, twitter, call and write the White House in support of the order?
“Thanks to Maafa21 and other eugenics and Black genocide awareness projects sweeping the nation, African Americans are realizing that we are being targeted by the abortion industry.
“How about it Black people? In fact, all people of goodwill? Abolitionists and Freedom Fighters alike! Let the President know how we feel about his Executive order. Ask him to put some teeth into it, some steam behind it!
“Black Empowerment, and yes all human rights includes speaking up and out for what we know is right. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone from natural conception to natural death, procreative reproductive health–that’s the order of the day. How can the dream survive if we murder our children? Be silent no more, say yes to the civil rights of life!” Dr. Alveda King, founder King for America and Director of African American Outreach, Priests for Life.

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  1. Dr. King,
    How can you say for Obama to put teeth into any anti abortion legislature when he clearly campaigned as pro abortion and his first signature went to over turn what President Bush put into law concerning funding of abortions abroad. The Christian radio stations repeatedly reported this and asked how a true Christian could possibly vote for such a person and because he was black it was overlooked and excues were made by both the blacks and other races.(I heard this on the radio over and over so I know what I am talking about) You who voted him in are accountable for all this chaos, all the pro abortion legislature and all this radical spending and destruction of America. Thank God some of us have not given up on America and plan to take Her back beginning at the next elections. It is appalling that congress can raise their salary $3,000 per month and inflation can go up but the social security recipients are treated with contempt with higher costs and premiums. Obama needs to be impeached and the congress needs to be cleaned out and cleaned up. You talk about teeth, then lets see some pressure in reversing these raises and standing up for social security, liiting the immigrants as they haven’t paid a dime yet get better benefits than those of us born here and stop Obama from allowing the Muslim terrorists from moving into our country free. And no, I do not consider him my president as he is not a legal American citizen and he is trying to sell and turn our contry into a socialistic, broke only for the rich society.
    I can not say thank you for all those who voted him in, rather shame on all who did. Shame for ignoring the truth.

  2. David says:

    Dear Patricia,

    On behalf of Dr. Alveda King, thank you for sharing.

    God Bless,

    Outreach Associate

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