God, Guns, & the Constitution

Photo by Joe Mahoney

Photo by Joe Mahoney

My good friend, William Owen, Jr. is working on a project, God, Guns, & the Constitution. He recently organized a Town Hall Meeting in Richmond, VA on February 2, 2013.

The “God, Guns, and the Constitution” forum at the Richmond Christian Center featured panelists Rev. William Cook, Founder and Director of the Black Robe Regiment of Virginia; Pastor Steve Parson, Pastor of the Richmond Christian Center; and Bill Owens, Sr., of the Coalition of African American. Town Hall’s featured speakers are Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America; Attorney Patrick McSweeney of McSweeney & Crump, P.C.; Mr. Sam Gray, CEO and President of Family Insight; and, Rep. Joe Morrissey, VA House of Delegates (D – 74th district). The forum was moderated by William Owens, Jr., for the God section, and former 3rd District congressional candidate, Dean Longo for the Guns and Constitutional Section of the meeting.

The town hall meeting focused on a look at the gun control issue from a religious perspective.

The free, non-partisan town hall meetings, God, Guns, and the Constitution, offer a forum for discussing the issues of faith, guns, and self-determination with respect to the Second Amendment. God, Guns, and the Constitution seeks to bring these issues to the forefront of the nation’s communities through public gatherings and a call-to-action. The goal is to arrive at proposed solutions to share with national, state and local representatives, as well as citizens.

Look for town hall meetings being set up in FL. TX, CO, NC and other states.

If you are interested in hosting a town hall meeting in your area or want to keep up with this very important issue. please visit godgunsconstitution.org.

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  1. Hey I found this website to be really fascinating!

  2. Frank Svoboda says:

    In corpus to them from my God-given rights I’d beat the initial case and then the feds took me to test and gave me two felonies and took away my gun rights me and my daughter shoot. I don’t believe in violence I do believe in protecting what his mind my life and my family and then the dick act 1902 they can’t take your gun rights I need help my family needs help I’m hard percent service connected and they even violated that and it’s in record in a federal court Washington DC.

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