Hello Utah legislature: Abortion vulnerable women are not criminals!

The Utah measure to save babies from abortion may be well intended but it heralds imminent disaster. Women who are abortion vulnerble are not so much abortion minded but rather in need of love, counsel and assistance, not jail… They are already disstressed, and in a way, bound in a mental prision. We need to liberate them, not jail them! There is a way to save the babies and their mothers. Silent No More Awareness Campaign has a goal to make abortion unthinkable, not put vulnerable mothers in jail… Abortion, whether legal or illegal is wrong. Period. To punish women who choose more drastic measures, while upholding laws that encourage women to butcher or chemically destroy babies and hurt their mothers’ bodies is just not a solution… Aboriton is a bad scene. Period!

5) A Utah House committee unanimously passed a bill that would allow women seeking illegal abortions to be charged with a crime. The bill grew out of a case last year where a young woman hired someone to beat her so that she would miscarry. The judge ruled that the woman’s action constituted an attempted illegal abortion and that women could not be prosecuted for seeking any kind of abortion.
Link: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/705361259/Bill-to-clarify-abortion-language-wins-committee-approval.html

2 Responses to “Hello Utah legislature: Abortion vulnerable women are not criminals!”

  1. Riley says:

    Your understanding is so refreshing! I’ve been reading about this ruling for the last couple days. Too often, pro-life supporters forget that pregnant women who seek abortions are living, feeling, usually hurting human beings, too. Efforts to criminalize abortions are coming at the problem the wrong way– abortion is a horror we should all band together to prevent, not a crime committed by evil, unrelatable women. Let’s start by getting women out of situations where they feel like a baby is a burden instead of a gift!

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