Honoring Uncle MLK remembering Daddy today

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Today we honor my uncle, Dr. MLK in accordance with the themes led by my cousin King Center CEO Bernice King, “NO SHOTS FIRED: A Day On Not a Day Off! In addition she is urging 100 Days of Nonviolence: abstain from violence, the tongue and the fist. For me this includes abortion providers not closing their fists around scalpels, forceps and bottle caps to snuff out the lives of babies in the womb which not only kills the babies but often kills or hurts their mothers and destroys the dreams of their fathers.

My father, Rev. AD King and my mother chose life for me 63 years ago. Praise God. I hope you will pray with us that God will heal our land. 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece on uncle’s legacy http://fxn.ws/1h8IDUU


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  1. Angelica Korbas says:

    this would be my dream too to have a time of love, of nonviolence, I am praying, a time when i send my little Angel to school and not worry if he is coming home at night, I pray that Dr. Martin Luther Kings Dream Free At Last will free all our children, all our innocnet so they live in a world ofthe Light of the Lord that this Fine Leader Dr. Martin King, spoke of. A World that all people do not fear being killed, being murdered for their love of their God, or their love of their Angels, where money is a tool to help the poor, the underprivlage not an excuse to take a life …thank you for sharing this with me

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