I wish

Friends, please have a blessed weekend. There are quite a few weather reports, but the good news is always God is in charge! In just a few days, we will celebrate National March for Life Week and my uncle’s birthday. When remembering
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. remember that he loves Jesus and Jesus loves us. I wish that you will all do something blessed for someone this weekend, in fact, let’s make that a prayer. More to blog next week. Peace.

2 Responses to “I wish”

  1. Anna says:

    Thank you Alveda for all that you do to save the unborn and protect women from the pain of abortion. I will be in pray with you on that day.

  2. Dear Alveda,

    Your uncle the Rev. Dr Martin Luther King would have been proud of your defense for the unborn child and I am glad you are pro-life. So many minority women are targeted and this is a business-forprofit operation off precious, human lives. You must address the President o become pro-life, then God’s blessings will flow in this nation again.

    “Let justice and righteousness, flow down like a mighty stream!”

    Prayers for America-for equality and justice for all people-the vulnerable amongst us.

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