King Rule #7: Care for the Needy (Children at Home and Abroad)

Human Righs Begin in the Womb

It is an honor to stand with and other compassionate leaders in aiding young immigrants on the borders. The opportunity to serve many of these children during this time of crisis was truly humbling.

L-R: Alveda King, Glenn and Tania Beck, and Pastor Stephen Broden at Sacred Heart Church

L-R: Alveda King, Glenn and Tania Beck, and Pastor Stephen Broden at Sacred Heart Church

I was praying to God for these innocent children when a call from Glen Beck’s office came, inviting me to join in the July 19, mission in McAllen, Texas. I was relieved. This “Macedonian Call” in the midst of our current border crisis was an answer to prayer.

We, America, are at another pivotal moment in our history. Many different crises are occurring right now and how we handle them will show the world what kind of a country the United States of America truly is.

One such crisis is the influx of immigrants crossing into our southern states that border with Mexico. Thousands of children, mostly from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, are coming to America because their parents think they can have better opportunities here.

Before even addressing how best to handle the immigration crisis confronting our nation we first have to consider how to help these minors in need of food, clothing, shelter, and medical attention. Once we’ve done that, then we can deal with the rest.

And just how do we do that?

Consider, The US gives billions of dollars in foreign aid each year; $13 billion in 2013. Of that $13 billion, Honduras received $82+ million, Guatemala received $104+ million, and El Salvador received $66+ million. That’s $252+ million. Now, the millions in the 2014 budget could be redirected to provide immediate care for these children until a more permanent plan can be implemented.

L-R: Glenn, Alveda King, Rep. Randy Weber, and Senator Ted Cruz talk with Sister Norma before going on a tour of the medical facilities in McAllen, TX.

L-R: Glenn, Alveda King, Rep. Randy Weber, and Sentor Ted Cruz talk with Sister Norma before going on a tour of the medical facilities in McAllen, TX. – Photo by George Lange

Many of these children could even possibly be descendants of ancestors who migrated in and around the borders for many years. The Americas should always be home to the “huddled masses longing to be free.”

We (America) were once a beacon of love and hope to the world. Now we are seeking to slam our doors in the face of innocent children. What in the world happened? I’ll tell you what happened. Politics happened and the innocents are being swallowed up on the melee.

There has to be a compassionate as well as practical way of maintaining our borders. We just need to put the brakes on political strife and unite to save the children. Let’s remember that these are human beings we’re considering.

Today mammon, entitlement and politics are causing too many Americans to be cold and heartless. Not only to these innocent children seeking sanctuary within our borders. Hearts are also cold to the babies in the womb, to the school drop outs, to the sadly incarcerated, to the weak, the sick, the hungry… Need I go on?

There should be funding across the isles for assistance to all youth and children; mentoring programs, family assistance programs. Funding without the usual political entanglements. Human beings need genuine compassion and help.

As I wrote in my new book, KING RULES, (Rule No. 7: Care for the Needy):

“In our family, we care for the “least of these.” We feed the hungry, clothe the sick, visit those in prison, and we do all that we can as servant leaders to serve God and minister to his people. Of course, from generation to generation, our methods of ministry have varied, and yet we still care about the poor the sick, the hungry, and the downtrodden.”

Alveda on Mission Trip

Alveda on Mission Trip

Where will we get the funding to help those in need? Instead of the government spending millions of dollars to pass legislation such as the HHS Mandate that manipulates and threatens women’s physical and emotional health by forcing insurance companies and employers to provide harmful chemical and surgical products to women; the government should be about the business of defunding America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood and redirecting those bountiful funds towards saving lives rather than killing babies and injuring women.

Just think about it. Carcinogenic birth control can be as cheap as $9 a month. If women desire such products, many women can obtain $9 a month on their own without having to bear the burden of political haranguing and manipulations over dubious methods of birth control that are linked to breast and cervical cancer, strokes, heart attacks and other problems. Women are not lab rats. We deserve better than a plight of being experimented on in the name of health care.

Let’s face it; carcinogenic birth control is not health care. Neither is abortion. Both are linked to sickness and death. They are the face of the real war on women.

So why is our government pushing the HHS Mandate while allowing innocent children to gather on our borders? They are hoping that women are dumb sheep, fooled by the slick marketing of sex peddlers.

Sen. Ted Cruz helping at the border

Sen. Ted Cruz helping at the border

I call for an awakening of women power. The power to choose life over death. The power to nurture the next and future generations.

The millions of dollars the government is spending to strong arm this Obamacare HHS contraceptive mandate down unsuspecting women’s throats could be used to feed, clothe and provide REAL healthcare to these children; at home and abroad. The money would be better spent on stabilizing the economy and elevating the quality of life for men, women and children.

It’s ludicrous to put the management of the desire of people to engage in sexual activity over the welfare of innocent starving children. Not just these immigrant children but also our American children right here in our own communities.

Let love, truth and compassion arise!

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  1. PASTOR KUMAR says:

    “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”
    Romans 8:28.
    Dear most beloved Reverend ,
    Greetings and most rejoyful wishes to you in the highly exalted name of our lord Jesus Christ.
    I am greatly privileged to share about our works of God in India. I have attained your address your church website. Thus I am inspired to explain all about our present works of God. I am Pastor Kumar, Guntur Dt., A.P. South India. I have been ministering a church in tribal area where the most uncivilized and illiterate unknown people are residing. By God’s vision to promote the word in such areas, I am deeply committed to extend a deserved service for the glory of God. For some long time I have made up a team of coworkers who were trained and forwarding in Gospel outreach service to bring many new souls in His attention. It would be the desire of God to proclaim the word in such innocent heart for acceptance of Lord as their personal Savior. Thus, we are finding amazing results in many parts around our place. By faith and Dedication with zeal to promote the Word. We have been going a head in His eternity. Kindly pray for our Gospel service to be richly blessed and well resulted among too many people of God. And also my heart desire is to build churches in different places. Whereas no churches there we built the churches for the glory of God.

    In other hand, I have found some children who lost parents in fire accidents, cyclone, floods and anti-Christian group attacks. These children were observed in different villages while we were on Gospel outreach service, by humanity and love of God, I have brought them together and provided a shelter at our residence and looking after their feeding, education and other needs. So, for all these days I am able to do this by the ever last compassion of our Lord only. It is not my purpose to lift these lives but it is the will of God to take care after their needs. They are all poor, parent less and innocent kids looking to seek a generous support by the grace of God. At present they have been struggling to have enough food daily due to lack of resources. Our local supports are found decreasing and the children are falling in starvation some times. it looks very pathetic to see their tragic conditions. While having no any other way, we are just gathering the children around me and praying for the graciousness of our lord because He only can subside any kind of their agony. They are now badly in need of some kind of assistance from such a kind hearted people like you. They are sometimes crying and screaming for not tolerating the panic of hunger. IT looks to be very miserable to see their misery . Kindly pray for their present drastic situations and find to encourage them with any kind of your prayerful and physical supports. Any kind of your gracious help can be esteeming honored in love of Christ.

    Kindly pray for Gospel Outreach Service our orphan children, our poor, needy old aged women and our Church believers to be strengthened in love of Christ. We are wishing to send you any information regarding the above at any time when you require. You may be richly blessed and granted in all the efforts to share with us. I am here with sending you some pictures of our works, so that you may go through and discuss with any kind hearted people for finding the support for all our works. My family members’ coworkers, orphan kids, widows’ poor and old women are all extending their heartfelt regards to you, your family and who are with you. We are hopefully waiting for your gracious response.

    Dearest beloved Reverend, we are praying to build New Churches in different places where our Lord’s Worship center is not there. Our Lord gave me this great vision also. We are praying and waiting for that wonderful work for the Lord’s glory. We are praying and anxietly waiting for a good sponsors of this work start in rural villages.. And also we are praying to start DISCIPLE TRAINING CENTER also. To trains the people and send them for the Gospel work in these last days.

    Dearest beloved Reverend, if you have possible please visit once. Please visit us and see here our ministry work. If you are visiting me, we will arrange a good Crusade and a Pastors conference here in our town. We want your gracious visiting. We want your wonderful anointing and our Lord’s miracles through you. We are hungry for the word of God. Please come and share the word of God with us. Here so many Pastors preaching the word of God without bible knowledge. They want wonderful spiritual feeding. I am praying and anxiety waiting for your gracious reply. Please write me soon.

    Yours brother in Christ
    Pastor Kumar.

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