Last Night I Was On A Prayer Call With About 500 People

“And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matthew 25:40

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Last night I was on a prayer call with about 500 people. Everyone who prayed was agreeing that there is a “wealth transfer” and that God is bringing resources into His Kingdom for a “new awakening” that will lead to a great revival. Yes, there is a “great awakening” underfoot, and we need to be a part of this “Movement!”

Sometime between midnight and this morning, I had a dream. A little girl asked her mother to teach her about Jesus. The mother called me and asked for videos and books that she could use to teach her daughter. I thought that I had some stored away in some chests in my home, but the demand was so urgent that I decided to go to a warehouse and quickly get some materials. Alas, the warehouse was nearly empty.

At the warehouse was a woman who I usually turned to for resources such as those that were useful for my prolife work. But the little girl wasn’t asking about my usual themes of why abortion is bad, why we need to end abortion and those types of issues. Of course, this issue is still a primary message, yet prime among prime is the demand the little one was making. Tell me about Jesus!

Finally my friend in the warehouse found a box with books suitable for a child to read about Jesus, God, the Kingdom and to meet the awakening demand of the little child.

“And a little child shall lead them.” Isaiah 11:6

Interestingly enough, just before the prayer call, I had briefly attended a gathering where a friend of mine had asked me this: “Are you still singing?” Thankfully I was able to respond that I am working on a new music project, and will even be singing a “new song” on the project myself.

Soon after that, I went for a late dinner and then returned to my room for the prayer call. On the call, amidst all of the declarations was a message from a woman saying that we must increase our obedience and worship. She urged us to join together right on that call and begin to praise and worship God. She sang a spontaneous song, someone blew the shofar, and the 500 people on that called joined in praising God. Please don’t think that praise and worship are limited to song and music. While they are both an integral part of the process, the fruit of our lips, our deeds and actions, our obedience are what praise and worship are all about. Faith in God, working through His Love, Prayer, generosity are all a part of the Spirit and Truth worship experience!

“…The hour comes, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeks such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” John 4:23-24

Today I will be attending to prolife ministry. Again, this is a vital part of my life. The sanctity of human life, indeed all life is under siege and I am called into this battle for the seed of our children, our generations. Yet, I can’t forget that a little three year old girl is depending on me to get the news of Jesus, of the Gospel to her.

Is your storeroom empty? Are there dreams and songs and books and witty inventions inside of you that are waiting to get out and be used to add to the multiplication, the wealth transfer which is so needed to bring life to a dying world and a hungry and thirsty generation? There is an old song, PEOPLE NEED THE LORD. The message of the song isn’t old, it is timeless.

In a few days, on January 20, 2014 many will celebrate the 85th Birthday of my uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Two days later, on January 22, my Birthday, I’ll be inviting you to join me for The National Memorial for the Unborn Prayer Service in Washington, DC. Yet while many will remark about how 50 years ago MLK received the Nobel Peace Prize, or how long the battle against Roe VS Wade has been raging, I’ll be remembering that empty warehouse and that little girl who is hungry for the Gospel, for an abundant life.

By the way, three years ago, that little girl’s mother wanted to abort her. I promised her mother back then that if she would keep the baby, I’d be there to help her. Another young woman called me about the same time that I was renewing my promise by agreeing to get those resources to them. She reminded me of a similar promise I made to her nearly five years ago when she agreed not to abort her child.

To make a long story short, I promised this young mother who now has four children (the youngest still in her womb) that I will bring her to church this weekend. It will be a sacrifice in my busy life, but along with diapers and milk for her babies, they all need Jesus.

Yes, you are hearing from Evangelist Alveda King now. This message will grow over the next several months and I pray that you will pray with me.

Let’s pray that God will advance our message of the Sanctity of Human Life everywhere, from conception or fertilization until natural death, and everything between.

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  1. God Bless you Dr. Alveda King! I believe in You & ALL Our Good Lord has Called upon you to do. You have been Blessed with HIS Favor to be a Leader in Carring out his WORD to ALL people. This life path you have so Bravely chosen is the hardest there is. I do know how difficult it is to be heard but when Truth must be told, most often it becomes heavy on not only your heart but every aspect of your life.
    This journey you are on will most certainly feel lonely when it comes to the 11th hour but know this Dr. King; You Serve & are Protected under the Sacred Laws of Jesus & The Golden Light full of Grace & Glory from God and all that is Holy.
    Ordinary people like me all over Gods Earth know Who You Are & I pray for you Every Morning, Afternoon and Night. I love and Respect the Goodness you fight for with all that is Good in me. I am a humbled servant who leads from the rear, cheering you on, educating all of our Brothers & Sisters about Jesus and Your Good name.
    If it were not for You, Alveda King being Blessed with Gods Love and never ending Endurance for Right and Just for humanity, I would not have any faith in the other so called Civil Rights Leaders. I do believe you know who & what I am referring to so no need to call names at Meeks, Jackson or Sharpten for stealing from the poor. Using outdated scare tactics to keep them in designer suits, living lavish lifestyles beyond their Congregations means. Twisting the Word of the Bible to fit their need for attention, bolstering their own ego with evil hate speech to keep the “Need for their Job Descriptions alive.” Stealing from minority communities for decades earmarking stimulus monies at the back doors of Operation “Push Family Values to the Curb” by helping Planned Parenthood funnel money for free advice to solicit ABORTIONS, instead of programs to keep young men out of gangs, off of drugs, off streets. Not tolerating Domestic Violence and sexual abuse at early ages and staying in school furthering to College educations. Millions to fail at leading teen boys to become good, honest men that are sensitive to their own family dynamics instead of preaching it okay to place blame everywhere but in the mirror. Teaching young people that its better to play the victim so teen pregnancy is okay instead of abstinence and delayed gratification to monogamous committed relationships that result in the Sacrament of marriage putting Jesus in the center of a husband and wife for the long hall. Failing to accept that a Civil Rights Leader who is also a Religious Leader Must hold themselves to the highest standards in order to expect Respect, but instead creation crisis from within causing confusion in order to neglect their true obligations to the people to be forthright with their own actions. In stead, riding on the coat tails of the Greatest Civil Rights Leader of Americas history. Bypassing the side streets that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. marched, walking side by side WITH the people disintegrating barriers & lines for All Men & Women of every race in this Country. Praying with and for others to rise to the occasion; not going around the opposite way. They Envied him for his Gifts of Communication that opened the doors for all people to love and live freely with whom they choose. Open the doors of opportunity for minorities to live a more prosperous, educated & safe life. He was in my opinion, indirectly hated & feared by those above because Dr. King Jr. was so famous and adorned by the very men that he originally faced and changed their hearts, minds, actions. He did not do that over night. He didn’t have favors to call in or people in his pocket with free phones and staged acts of “World Peace Missions paid by the government and the people. Dr. King Jr. made it look too easy with his blind faith & brilliant determination that those who say they “Marched next to,” lost site of the mission and became Envious, Greedy and ultimately a mirror image of what they started fighting against to change in the first place.
    There was only ONE mortal man born without sin and because we have been “Granted Free Will,” there will always be a degree of imperative attitudes in every walk of life. That is why we are given the Commandments of Gods Laws and the heart of self consciences. It is a shame on our Countries History that Dr. King Jr’s life was so unjustly taken from him and all of us who believe that Dr. kings works were a Major influence on making this a Great America. “The Land of Opportunity” should be accredited to the Truly Great Men in Americas History from everyone who were diligent in heart, right up there to her Founding Fathers who created Our almost perfect document, The Constitution. It was created for exactly what Dr. King fought for, the rights o f all people: Protecting their God given Right to be free from the heavy hand of the government right down to what one chooses to to do and say freely. We knew what was right on paper, but it was Martin Luther who taught man how to truly embrace the concept in everyday practical purpose.
    Please forgive me for rambling on. I just felt compelled to write you and Praise you for Exactly Who you are and that is a most Beautiful Soul that brings a much needed voice to so many the Golden Light of Hope & Faith to countless individuals who honestly need YOU to bring back the Morals, Ethics & Family Values that your Blessed Blood Line brought from concept to reality.
    I’ve seen you on many news programs, heard your views and witnessed in this most important issue here in which millions of lives and unborn souls are counting on. This matters outcome is shouldering my children’s future as well as every single souls does.

    So I find it most important to write you and tell you exactly how eternally grateful I am for You. I’m sure you are told by many but it is only right that I express me and my families humble gratitude for your work is answering my prayers. I want you to know that as a woman, I am so very Proud to say that you are my fellow Sister and I lift up your Spirit in Jesus name to be Blessed with everything you need to be courageous in all of you do.

    My God Always Bless You & Thank-you for the opportunity to write you here .
    Much Love,
    Tracy Richards

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