Law and Order should meet Abby Johnson

abby-johnson-and-law-and-orderCheck out the similarities between the decision of Abby Johnson and a recent Law and Order episode. Ms. Johnson, a former director of a Planned Parenthood facility quit and became pro-life after actually viewing an ultrasound of an abortion as it was taking place. The Law and Order episode explores contemporary abortion issues.
Ms. Johnson’s real life prick of conscience lines up with the abortion issues in the recent Law and Order episode. They should meet. Ms. Johnson’s change of heart and the show’s headline inspired account of the murder of a fictitious abortion doctor which occurs in a church, similar to the real life murder of abortion doctor George Tiller, brings the abortion controversy to the forefront again.
The decision that Abby Johnson made and the issues raised on Law and Order are lessons of great hope. No one can escape the power of the truth. They can try to deny it, ignore it, or hide it, but they can’t escape it. As a post-abortive mother, I had to learn these lessons the hard way.
We at Priests for Life minister all the time to former abortion providers, supporters and post abortive women. We love them, and guide them to repentance and healing. And we see people who, like Abby Johnson, repent of abortion only after they have seen it face to face. Let’s hold all of them up in prayer.

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