“Left” behind again in media reports by the question they are too ashamed to ask: Won’t the murder of James Pouillon set the abortion movement back?

Leaders at  Priests for Life, Father Frank Pavone, Janet Morana and Alveda King challenge the anti-life movement to cry out against the murder of James Pouillon. (www.priestsforlife.org) The media ignores the story during a press conference Friday while Dr. Johnny Hunter and other prolife leaders faced their cameras (www.blackgenocide.org). Pastor Arnold Culbreath noted that another martyr lost his life on 9/11 in the line of duty, a Warrior for Life (www.protectingblacklife.org).  Other leaders including Pastor Stephen Broden, among the first to sound the alarm; Day Gardner; Walter Hoye; Catherine Davis and many others say now is the time to sound the alarm. “Murder must cease if America is to live!” Alveda added: “Friends, please contact your local media and demand answers as to why this story was ignored while the Tiller story was exaulted?

Dr. Hunter said: “When Jim Pouillon was gunned down, he was holding a large photo of Jeremiah Trewhella taken when he was only four weeks old. Jeremiah’s father, Pastor Matt Trewhella, leader of Missionaries to the Preborn, with whom Jim joined in their pro-life tour last month, stated that this was not graphic. For news agencies, like the Detroit News, to call the picture of a little baby boy “a controversial anti-abortion display “ either shows how unreliable leftist articles are or it shows a disdain for the babies pro-lifers try to protect.


“Along with other prolifers from around the country, I participated in press conference held by the Florida Personhood Movement shortly after noon at the state capitol building in Tallahassee.  There was plenty of news coverage.  Not one reporter asked for comments concerning the murder of a pro-lifer and another man. I believe that if an abortionist and someone else had been shot, it would have the first question coming from the reporters. They probably would have asked did we believe that this would set the anti-abortion movement back. So, I will ask the obvious question that they are too ashamed to ask: “Won’t this set the anti-life movement back?”


Dr. Johnny Hunter, National Director of LEARN, Inc.

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