Let the Truth Be Told.

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Here’s a real life rescue by a pro-life advocate. Abby Johnson means business when it comes to exposing the truth about abortion, and ending the decimation of the lives of babies and mothers. Here’s what happened.

A 15-year-old pregnant girl who went to the Buffalo (NY) Women’s Services center for an ultrasound exam, was locked in a room by the abortion clinic and not allowed to leave. The girl’s mother, who did not want her daughter to have an abortion and who was removed from the facility after she “freaked out,” called Abby Johnson, who had been counseling the girl. Mrs. Johnson called the police, the girl was freed, and she is keeping her baby.

Abby is a former abortion provider turned pro-life advocate. She is one of thousands of women, myself included, who realize that the abortion industry has been lying to women about abortion and carcinogenic fertility blockers misnamed “birth control.” Abortion and carcinogenic birth control are not healthcare, they are injurious to the lives of women and children.

I’m reading two eye opening books right now, RECALL ABORTION by Janet Morana, and COMPLICATIONS: ABORTION’S IMPACT ON WOMEN. These books are informative and should be read by women everywhere.

I wanted to blog about my trip to the movie theater to see “Moms’ Night Out,” but this story about the young mother and her brave mother, the grandmother of her unborn child inspired me so much that I decided to blog about movies later this week.

Please, if you know a woman, a mother who just needs love and support in the midst of being coerced to abort her child, please… For Christ’s sake… Do something! A moment of decision trumps apathy. There are countless of young women like the one in this blog. They just need another hero. The pro-life movement is here to help you!

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I am presenting reading a book about the Supreme Court case Buck v. Bell, which upheld Virginia’s law that allowed for forced sterilization for the purpose of creating a genetically superior population. While our children study about President Wilson’s creating the League of Nations, they do not learn that he, along with Presidents Taft and T. Roosevelt, were vocal proponents of eugenics. Because our country is steeped in the idea of individual freedoms and because we witnessed first-hand the horrors of the eugenics movement (WWII Nazi Germany), it is impossible to openly advocate for eugenics; however, the new healthcare law provides a backdrop in which healthcare providers and administrators can apply soft tyranny to discourage procreation by women they believe to be undesirable. Read Oliver Wendall Holme’s Supreme Court decision in Buck v. Bell. It sounds decidedly un-American. You undoubtedly never read about this in high school American history because it does not fit the political agenda of the Ivy League educrats who write our textbooks. This is not a racial genocide, but rather class warfare where low income, low status Americans are baited to bicker with one another while the political class concocts more and more ways to subtlely shape their behavior.

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