Majorities Believe Abortion Is Morally Wrong, Legal Access To It Should Be Restricted

A new Gallup poll released May 23, 2011 revealed that 49% of those surveyed called themselves “pro-choice” and 45% called themselves “pro-life.” Gallup reports that this “is the first time since 2008 that the “pro-choice” position has had the numerical advantage on this Gallup trend.” Prior to 2008, the “pro-choice” position has always had a numerical advantage.

No big deal, right? Wrong! The big deal is in another set of numbers also revealed in the survey.

When asked about the morality or legality of abortion, a majority responded that abortion is morally wrong and access to it should be restricted.

Of those surveyed, 51% said that abortion is morally wrong while only 37% said it was morally acceptable.

Another telling number is those that think abortion should be legal and under what circumstances. 27% said that abortion should be legal in all circumstances, 50% said it should be legal in certain circumstances and 22% said that it should never be legal. The main shift comes in the two extremes that in 1992 were 34% for always legal and 15% for never legal.

And the most significant number of all is that of the 50% that stated that abortion should be legal in certain circumstances. When asked to clarify when they thought it should be legal, 61% said that it should be legal in a few/none while only 37% said it should be legal in any/most circumstances.

What does this poll show? It shows that people are beginning to wake up to the reality of abortion, albeit slowly. Many people still don’t understand that “pro-choice” means killing babies. They think that abortion and “pro-choice” is just about a woman’s reproductive choice to decide what to do with her body. Once they realize or see that the baby is a separate human being, and not a part of the woman’s body, with his/her own civil rights, then they hopefully will see that the choice to kill this other human person is not their choice to make.

If Gallup asked, “Do you think that killing a baby is morally acceptable or should be legalized?” the numbers would change dramatically. The more the truth gets out and the lies of the abortion industry are revealed, the more people will call themselves “pro-life”.

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