March for Life 2012 – It’s going to be, and already is a very good year…

If the media reports what they really see, then the world will know that the January 2012 March for Life may be the biggest pro-life gathering the world has ever seen. There was a virtual and literal sea of people from across the planet, all standing in and raising a cry for life on the Mall in Washington, DC today. Along with those gathered in DC , there were other similar gatherings across America, calling for an end of the 40 year span of legalized abortion in America.

As a participant and eye witness, I can only say how grateful we must all be for the prayers and support for life from conception until natural death. Along with attending the Rally on the Mall, it was a blessing to pray at the National Memorial for the Unborn, to share in the “Celebrate Life and Embrace Grace” gathering of Concerned Women of America, to be motivated at the Black Conservative Forum, testify after the March with Silent No More Awareness Campaign, and to end the day at Babies Go to Congress hosted by Heartbeat International.

Look for a full report on the weeks activities at Priests for Life’s Frontlines

God bless you!

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