Maya Angelou

A concerned pro-life advocate wrote this recently:
The poet Maya Angelou, who is a highly celebrated black poet who speaks for and to blacks worldwide, was interview by the BBC after the election of Obama. In the interview, which can be easily accessed, she described her feelings but more importantly she described at some length and in great detail and color what the American slave endured for 100s of years. At one point she spoke of how “even the fetus within the womb was the property of the slave owner.” The parallels she drew of the inhumanity of slavery upon the unborn is powerful. I am not even sure she is pro life or if she was aware of the parallel. In this short space I can not describe clearly how moving and how directly related to the pro life message her words were. I wish you would listen to this interview as I am absolutely sure we should respond to her words in order to draw attention to her celebrated status and urge her to communicate to president Obama.
BBC – Radio 4 – World Tonight
… listen to my interview with the writer and civil rights activist Maya Angelou … The BBC certainly did its very best to not allude to Obama being black … another blog of BBC regarding …

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  1. Teresa-Mary says:

    In reading Ms King’s reference to Maya Angelou’s powerful words, it made me think that maybe we are missing many opportunities to draw parallels between words and events that we encounter in the wider world and the silent mute expression which we can only imagine of the millions of unborn individuals that die by the abortionist’s hand. For myself, every day is an opportunity to look at the world with eyes open to the effects of the missing persons of a death by abortion. Phrases such as “culture of death” have become familiar to those of us that fear the changes taking place in our society that accords “civil rights” to only those with the loudest voices. But, there are consequences taking place every day in all of our lives that we need to recognize, speak and write about that will confirm this poverty of reason and faith that has left us the silent majority in today’s marketplace of ideas. I am so grateful to Ms King for taking the reins of the chariot carrying our exquisite African American babies into their destiny!

    Teresa-Mary Baran
    “I have plans for you,” says the Lord.
    “They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

    — Jeremiah 29:11

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