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Today on Facebook an individual left a comment on my status referring to me as a cash cow that the pro-life movement was using because of my name to push their agenda. As he sarcastically says, “I take it back: the pro-life fundraisers are not milking Ms. King’s family name like a cow’s *—-* to fund & buttress their perpetual advocacy interests as I implied.” I do have a recognizable name, and it is the name of a great man, my uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and my work with the pro-life movement does benefit them. But does that necessarily mean that I am being milked like a cash cow? I think not. The pro-life movement is my passion and my calling from God to fight for the most vulnerable among us, those who don’t have a voice of their own. Those who would not be heard if not for the many advocating for their rights, some with name recognition, some without; yet all voices are equally important in their own way.

Does my name take away from the validity of the work I do? Does the fact that I have chosen to work as Director of African American Outreach for Priests for Life and the Pro-Life movement make the cause any less important or honorable? Are the San Francisco Giants any less a team because they signed Tim Lincecum as their pitcher, or the Seattle Mariners for signing Felix Hernandez, or Philadelphia Phillies for signing Ray Halladay? Are these three pitchers being milked like cash cows or are they playing baseball because they love the game? Sure the team benefits because of their talents and the relationship is mutually beneficial but to refer to it as a milking of their talent would grossly miss-state the situation as does referring to my pro-life work as me being milked to benefit the agenda of pro-life fundraisers.

I am an independent woman guided only by the Divine Will of my Lord and Saviour. Nobody is making me do anything that I don’t want to do. If God calls me to a vocation in the pro-life movement and I choose to obey Him, it has nothing to do with the fact that I am also the niece of a great Civil Rights Leader. But, if that makes people pay more attention and it helps bring awareness to the evils of abortion, then I’m all for letting people know who I am related to.

Some people are blessed by God with the opportunity to fight for a cause that they are passionate about, like I am about the pro-life movement. Others, like Oprah, are fighting for education or still others, like Sally Struthers, for starving children. God has allowed us to use our name recognition to help bring awareness and an end to this or that evil. I’m humbled that the Lord is using me to fight the greatest evil of our times, ABORTION!

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  1. Mary Levee says:

    Hello and Thank You from all who have been allowed to live because of people like you who still believe that God is Lord over all. Keep up what your passion is, and know that we all have a battle to fight in the name that truly matters, Lord God Jehovah I AM.

    Please note that although I do not have a famous name, I am a Christian soldier who will stand for what is right and biblical. I am only attacked in a small way, but still will fight the fight.

    Do not get discouraged, but be encouraged every time someone is screaming out at you…it means you are doing the right thing!

    A Sister in Christ,
    Mary Levee

  2. Chris Dattilo says:

    Alveda – God bless you, the Lord is using you. You have given yourself selflessly for the cause of life, life of the unborn and life in Christ.

    Sticks and stones…. but you are on the Lord’s side. Thank you.

  3. Ms. King, you completely misrepresented my comment on your Facebook page. You quoted it completely out of context, and I was not in fact saying what you seem to be responding to, but you’re acting like I was. That’s the definition of the logical fallacy called “the red herring.”

    Of course its good for people who have name recognition to use that name recognition for good. But that wasn’t what I was talking about and you know it.

    What I said was in response to your post: “Partial birth abortion ban helped advance the cause for life.”

    I said, “It was nothing but a worthless bone thrown to pro-lifers. describes how abolitionists can actually have a fighting chance.” THAT’s when I pointed out the milking, the cash cow that they have created out of you & your family name.

    Eric Hoffer famously quipped, “What starts out [in America] as a mass movement ends up as a racket, a cult, or a corporation.”

    Ms. King, so far from “fighting” as you claim to be, you are perpetuating a decades-old racket that is literally fed by the continued slaughter of the babies you purport to defend.

    I know what a horrible thought that is, and while I perceive a degree of insincerity in your deliberate misconstruction of my words, I don’t believe in my heart that you are actually consciously participating this evil racket. Paradoxically, that’s why you are so valuable to those who actually run the racket: your sincerity is evident for all with eyes to see.

    Dear sister in the Lord, open your eyes. If we were truly FIGHTING to end legalized abortion, “progress” would not be defined by outlawing a particularly politicized procedure for killing a baby in a specific way. That’s like saying slavery abolitionists would have been making progress if South Carolina passed a law saying no slave could be beaten more than 10 lashes with a cane before sunup, or some other arbitrary regulation of the evil institution.

    Slavery was regulated by law by slavers in all the slave states during the entire history of slavery in the USA. All of these parceled-out pieces of Republican legislation regulating abortion on demand have nothing to do with abolishing legalized abortion. They are designed to salve the consciences of people who are in denial of what would be required to be done to really abolish abortion.

    Just like the Democrats drag Social Security out of the closet every election to scare pensioners into voting for them, the Republicans and the status-quo maintaining pro-life organizations that you front for REPACKAGE opposition to abortion AD INFINITUM ET AD NAUSEUM to conjure political momentum in every cycle.

    What you call “progress” is the basest pandering and fakery designed to keep the people in a job who make a living being seen to be pro-life. Deep down, I think you sense the Truth of this in your spirit. If you have the Holy Spirit living in you, I know for a fact that you do.

    So what would be required to actually abolish legalized abortion? James Madison, the Father of our Constitution, summarized:

    “…in case of a deliberate, palpable, and dangerous exercise of other powers, not granted by the [Constitution], the states who are parties thereto have the right, and are in duty bound, to interpose, for arresting the progress of the evil; and for maintaining, within their respective limits, the authorities, rights, and liberties appertaining to them.”

    Ms. King, our founders noted in the Declaration that human beings are predisposed to suffer or tolerate evil as long as it remains sufferable. The organizations you’re fronting for are literally pandering to that least common denominator they identified in the human heart.

    We’re trying to organize an interposition movement, a movement designed to elect a governor in at least one state determined to use the power of a state government to nullify evil federal laws like Roe v. Wade. The Operation Rescue non-violent civil disobedience phase of the pro-life movement failed when the Federal Government called its bluff in the early 90’s. State nullification is the mechanism built into our form of government by our founding fathers in order to give us a means to fight evil usurpations of power by the federal government.

    God’s children are being slaughtered annually by the millions, and God Himself has been outlawed as the Source for law in the USA.

    I love you in the Lord and I don’t want to see you continue to be a cash cow for a sold-out-to-cowardice pandering pro-life movement that actually feeds off of the continued slaughter of the babies. But if you do continue, just know that the Lord has people who are confessing our collaboration and who still have eyes that see.

    Jonathan O’Toole

  4. Ruth Baechlin says:

    Alveda – May God bless you for the great work you do. As someone who listened to the pro-abortion message at the age of twenty and had an abortion, I know the evil it is. After Thirty-three years I’m finally coming out and talking about what I’ve been through. If you can save one baby (and I’m sure you’re saving many more then that) by having the same name as your wonderful Uncle Martin, then that is a blessing. There are many who fight for evil causes by using their “celebrity”, I Praise God that He’s using you for good with your good name.
    In Christ our Savior,

  5. What about when people are singing about you?

    Did you see this video?

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