National Call to Action!!!

A message from my good friend, Day Gardner

“Take Back Christmas” Project – Even though Mary became an un-wed mother in a very difficult time, God had specific plans for her baby—and He still has specific plans for each and every baby. Therefore, we are organizing participation of a thousand (or more) churches across the Nation to be very deliberate in holding biblical events this coming and every Christmas with heavy focus on the birth of Jesus celebrations.

We are also asking for each church to organize events in public areas such as traditional Christmas caroling hailing the birth of Jesus. We are also providing and producing support pieces on Facebook, Twitter, Email and YouTube videos.

Our hope is less Santa, Frosty and Rudolph—More Jesus!

Alveda and I — after this depressing election season felt it would be great to do something really uplifting and something ALL Christians can support!

Are you interested in helping us take back CHRISTmas?

Part One:
“Flash Mob” Christmas Caroling

We are planning “flash mob (FM) Christmas caroling”. Here’s the thing…songs only about Jesus–NO Frosty, NO Rudolph, NO Santa and NO Christmas tree or chestnut songs.

We are asking the “FM” to sing 10 songs – One verse only “always beginning” with O Come All Ye Faithful ( as a call to action)—“always ending” with Silent Night (to signify the end). (Approx time: 15-20 minutes)

Let’s make it fun!

Ask everyone to wear something red (ex:) a red coat or hat or scarf or gloves–or just carry a red bag!!!

Good thing is — no rehearsals needed!!!
No baby sitters needed!!! Bring the kids!!!

We will provide an email list of ten songs with the words included to the first verse of each song.

We are hoping churches, individuals, family and friends will do one or more of these in different locations in the week leading up to Christmas.

We have other ideas and would like to hear yours–so, are you with us???!!

Merry CHRISTmas!!!!
Day and Alveda

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