National NAACP is wrong, again… Listen to you state and local chapters please!

Now the National NAACP is speaking against the Tea Party, calling its members racists. Of course, like any movement, there can be infiltrators, people with different motives from the founders. That aside, I have friends who are in the Tea Party, genuine Christian souls of all ethnic groups. So, the National NAACP tactics are again to attack, divide and conquer, spreading lies and suspicion. Don’t be fooled. Many of the local NAACP Chapters are prolife and pro-marriage and family, unlike the leaders of the National NAACP. Lately, I’m not doing politics in that I’m not joining any new parties or endorsing candidates. I still vote for life, marriage and family, and I pray with godly candidates. May God be magnified in our government according to Romans 13! Peace.

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  1. Wow, wow, wow, that is all I can say. I am a writer and my book Black and white makes brown speaks about that very subject. My little babay was ripped from my womb when I was way too young but also pregnant with a multiracial child (black/white.) The pressure from family members and the town was so tough that they forced my mother to go and have the issue (my baby) removed and come back without it! So I suffered and endured but it left a hole in my heart tht only GOD could fill. I write poetry about it and describe in my book the abortion. Every time I am asked to read the passage I cry and the hurt and pain seems to be like it just happened. I am 50 years old now by the way and I am reaching out to other because GOD is using what happened as an overcoming testimony. My heart is with the women that have been forced and coerced to do this and then left to deal with this for the rest of their lifes on their own. Their are so many that are asking me to pray for them because they read about my experience and I found my mission from heaven through this. Thank you for sharing and I hope you reach out to me and that I can send you my little book, so you may use it as a tool of a way too young lady, that had no business to have sex out of wedlock and then had to endure a tragedy that remains with her the rest of her life. I commented to this post because I have joined the local NAACP last year but have not been really active because there are some things I take issue with. God is so good to have people like you fighting for the unborn child, especially the African/American child and let’sinclude the multircial child because some families still are shocked and disturbed when their young ones get married outside of their race and then attempt to remove the issue (baby) by abortion. If you ever should find the time to call me or even be intersted in me speaking at some of the events you may have, I am available at 404-786-0873 my website is, however it has been hacked by a racist person so we are repairing it now and then come up with the same message…. the message of life for all and what GOD has given no human has the right to take away! Love and peace Author Cornelia Brown

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