New Prolife Anthem: The Least of These

visit to hear the new song written by Jamie Collins and produced by Dan Collins of Fairhill Music!
Matthew 25:40
“Inasmuch as you did
this for the least of these,
you also did this for me…”

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  2. JORDAN SAX says:

    Proven Life Saving PRO-LIFE Song
    “Angels to the Rescue” by Jordan Sax

    Go to and put in either
    Pro-Life Anthem or Angels to the Rescue


    All these precious infants
    Whose lives are torn apart
    Their pain is like a burning flame
    Inside of JESUS’ Heart
    JESUS was a fetus
    Who deserved a chance to grow
    Conceived by GOD to lead us
    To protect all embryos

    As the massacre continues
    To take its bloody toll
    All would be mothers struggle
    In hope to be consoled

    Hear the mothers sobbing
    When their babies dies
    These little lives were robbing
    Makes the angels cry

    Guilty is the burden
    That’s written on their face
    Thank GOD for His forgiveness
    And prayers of healing grace

    Oh sweet baby JESUS
    To you we sing this song
    Please Divinely guide our mission
    To help us right this wrong

    We’re gathered here today
    To defend the right to life
    We challenge Roe V. Wade
    With the Authority of CHRIST

    Angels to the rescue
    Angels by our side
    Together we can stop this
    Fetal genocide.

    “ANGELS TO THE RESCUE” (c) 2007 GuadalupeMusic/BMI

    written by Sacramento California Catholic singer/songwriter and Screen Actors Guild member
    JORDAN SAX ( and inspired by the West Coast Walk For Life in San Francisco, Fr. FRANK PAVONE’s mission, his Dad
    Fr. ANDREW JOHNSON, a priest at ST. THOMAS MORE Church in San Francisco who recently helped raise the $15 million
    to launch Catholic Radio in San Francisco this month KSFB!

    JORDAN SAX wrote and recorded this song to help promote the blessed cause to defend human life from conception and to help the healing process of post abortion trauma through the cultural power of music. National Pro-Life Radio’s DAY GARDNER has played it on her radio broadcasts as well New York City’s
    Pro-Life founder CHRIS SLATTERY’s who plays
    it on his website instantly when you log on; I have been told that a few
    young women have actually changed their minds about going through with their scheduled
    abortions after just hearing the song for the first time!

    You can hear broadcast airings of “ANGELS TO THE RESCUE” on
    various Christian radio stations across America, including EWTN with THOM PRICE at “Catholic Jukebox”, and Ave Maria Radio Hosts TERESA TOMEO’s show ‘Catholic Connection’
    and BOB DUNNING’S “The Bishop’s Hour” and JERRY USHER’s “Catholic Answers”, who have recently interviewed JORDAN SAX
    live on the air as wekk.

    We must keep reminding the world:
    JESUS was a fetus!
    MOSES was a fetus!
    MOHAMMAD was a fetus!
    BUDDHA was a fetus!

    And because the PRO-LIFE cause is the largest grass roots movement in the history of
    the United States we thank you for standing up for the Sanctity of Life in whatever way you can, which includes helping heal with loving care all the broken hearts left behind in the family of GOD here on earth.

    The 14th Amendment of the United States of America’s Constitution protects the right to life of ALL human fetuses whose DNA extracted after only one day of conception has been found to be unique as any individual person.

    “Angels to the Rescue” music video

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