October Happenings Update And Important Links

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Roman 12:21

VOTE: Only love can conquer hate (link to 8/28 speech)

Friends, I’m starting this update with reflections on the elections as we prepare to head to the polls.
Several months ago during the defining moments of the election campaign cycle, I wrote The Church Can Turn the Tide (third article on page, The Tide Is Turning) in which I called for more prayer even over the power of the ballet box. Our right to vote was won by blood, sweat and tears. Our right to eternal life was won by the blood of our Lord Jesus. So as we prepare to vote lets pray the Election Prayer. In my message, The Church Can Turn the Tide, we are again reminded to pray. This summer Glenn Beck repented and apologized for calling President Obama a racist. Remember to pray for repentance for ourselves and others when we vote. Only love can conquer hate.

For all my friends who are concerned that I’m being controlled and swayed by political interest groups, remember the words of the dearly departed conservative civil rights leader Hosea Williams, Unbought and Unbossed. Friends, this battle is won not by human might or human power, but by the Spirit of the Living God.

So, tomorrow don’t vote for the Tea Party, don’t vote for the Republican Party, don’t vote for the Libertarian Party, don’t vote for the Constitution Party, don’t vote for the Green Party, and don’t vote for the Democratic Party. Don’t vote for any specific party. Vote for America, vote your conscious, vote your values, vote for righteousness, vote for life .

Growing up in the Civil Rights Movement, I learned to love my enemies and to pray for them. This made it easier to go to the bargaining tables with them. (link to MLK principles of nonviolence.) It’s sometimes hard to remember that God loves President Obama and Glenn Beck equally. Depending on which side of the conversation you are sitting, you might say that one or the other doesn’t deserve God’s love. The thing is, God loves all of us, and wants to lead us all into His Love and grace, no matter who deserves what. My father, Rev. A. D. King, my uncle Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and my grandfather, Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. walked in God’s love and were able to be used to transform the hearts of some of the worst racists history has ever known. Because they knew the truth of God’s love for the human race, not separate races, but for the human race, the one human race that has been created to love each other, they were able to love in the face of conflict.
Current investigative reports:
1. 16 Christian leaders talk faith, policy, justice, and reform. Featuring Harry R. Jackson Jr., Jim Wallis, Alveda King, Brian McLaren, Barbara Williams-Skinner, Noel Castellanos, Chandra White-Cummings, Lisa Sharon Harper, and more.
2. Komen for the Cure donates to PPH
3. The truth they don’t want you to know about “ella”.
4. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Planned Parenthood
5. RU-486 Cover-up
6. Blacks, the minority, are being targeted for genocide. Check out Maafa21
7. Minorities and students are being targeted, check out Blood Money
8. Jon Stewart’s video teaches hate
9. The ABCs of Breast Cancer
10. Lila Rose, Live Action President on defending human life
11. Demographic Winter: the decline of the human family.
12. The Truth behind Hip Hop
13. See images of aborted babies
14. The Truth Behind Abortion
15. Too Many Aborted
16. Black Genocide

We had another busy month with lots of things going on. Here is what we got accomplished in October.

Functions attended this month:
1. Guest Speaker at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI – Oct. 7-8
2. Meeting with National Black Pro-life Leaders, Washington, DC – Oct. 11
3. National Day of Prayer, Washington, DC – Oct. 11
4. Pro-Life Freedom Rides for the Unborn, Knoxville, TN – Oct. 15-16
5. Keynote speaker at Right to Life Conference, Lincoln, NE – Oct. 22-23
6. Reception with Pro-life Leaders, Grand Rapids, MI – Oct. 28
7. Prayer Rumble, Atlanta, GA – Oct. 29

Radio Interviews this month:
1. The REALLY, Real Deal with Brother Craig The Hatchet Man on BlogTalkRadio – Oct. 4.
2. Life with Purpose on Syrius 64 – Oct. 5
3. The REALLY, Real Deal with Brother Craig The Hatchet Man on BlogTalkRadio – Oct. 12
4. AACONS on BlogTalkRadio – Oct 12
5. Hallerin Hilton Hill Show on 98.7 NewsTalk prior to the Freedom Rides for the Unborn. – Oct. 15
6. The REALLY, Real Deal with Brother Craig The Hatchet Man on BlogTalkRadio – Oct. 25.

Newspaper/Internet News
1. Daily Caller interview.
2. The Catholic Spirit with Pat Norby, St. Paul Diocese – Oct. 27

Phone Conference Calls
1. Conference call with PFL regarding Freedom Rides Oct. 5, 2010
2. Conference call with Black Pro-life Leaders Oct. 12, 2010
3. Conference call with PFL regarding Freedom Rides Oct. 12, 2010

With the Elections right around the corner, we encourage everyone, if you haven’t done so already, to get out and vote for candidates that are Pro-Life. We need to breathe new life into our country and into our economy and that starts with bringing new life into our country by ending abortion. That’s only possible if we elect Pro-Life candidates to office at every level of our government from local elections to the national level. Check out this video from Cardinal-elect Raymond Burke on the responsibility of voting, not just for Catholics but for all Christians.

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