October: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every time I see the pink ribbons, balloons, pink lemonade and everything else associated with the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I get sad because the link to breast cancer and abortions and contraceptives isn’t addressed in the campaign. I was invited to speak at a Breast Cancer Awareness event in Atlanta. I am so sorry that I was already booked for something else, because I really would have gone and passed out the ABC’s of breast cancer brochures and also “The Pill Kills.” I am so very glad that the Atlanta Archdiocese is stepping in and asking people not to support Komen because they still give money to Planned Parenthood. Please read the book PLANNED BULLYHOOD.

3 Responses to “October: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

  1. joanne says:

    Is there someplace to buy a bumper sticker that gives the information on the pill and how it relates to breast cancer

  2. Alveda King says:

    http://www.abortionbreastcancer.com/store/bumperstickers/ Only one at this site.
    http://www.hh76.com/default.aspx?pageNum=1&s=bumper stickers&g=-1 Many at this site but none about the link between abortion and breast cancer.

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