Okay Cecile, Name a Time and a Place and Let’s Talk About Abortion

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Recently, in a Time article, Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said that America needs to talk – really talk – about abortion.

Yes, it’s a conversation that’s long overdue; over 56.9 million dead babies overdue, a third of them being Black babies. But let’s have that talk on a level playing field.

When we talk, let’s put euphemisms aside and let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Let’s be truthful with the public. Let’s be clear from the onset – we’re talking about ABORTION. Not reproductive rights. Not healthcare or access to healthcare. Not a woman’s right to do what she wants with her body because the baby is not her body.

Many pro-life leaders have challenged Cecile Richards to have this conversation several years ago but We’ve never received a response.

Now that it’s her idea to “really talk” about abortion we pray that she won’t shy away from REALLY talking about abortion.

Abortion, although legal, is certainly not safe as they would have you think. This is evident by the hundreds of women who have died from abortion with report after report of ambulances being called to abortion ‘clinics’ to transport patients to hospitals after botched abortions.

Along with physical harm there’s psychological harm done by abortion as evident by the women and men of Silent No More Awareness Campaign; we speak openly of the harm of abortion on our lives.

In the past, any discussion over abortion has been heavily slanted in favor of the pro-abortion lobby. The abortion industry has millions of dollars to funnel into the media machine in order to spread their propaganda. Much of those millions is tax-payer dollars. Mainstream media is often happy to help push the abortion agenda; hiding the truth from the general public.

Like so many other propagandists Ms. Richards says, “Let’s talk about abortion,” but then is nowhere to be found when we say, “Okay, let’s talk.”

Let’s talk about what an abortion procedure is. Let’s talk about why you don’t want parents notified when children want to have an abortion. Let’s talk about the annual over half a billion dollars you receive in tax-payer money from our government. Let’s talk about who you target for abortion. Let’s talk about the many Kermit Gosnell abortionists that are performing abortions in cities all across America.

Let’s REALLY talk about abortion. When and where would you like to meet?

4 Responses to “Okay Cecile, Name a Time and a Place and Let’s Talk About Abortion”

  1. Lydia Marie says:

    Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! So very glad that an invitation from the other side this time—a planned parenthood staff person—to a discussion about abortion. Just as Ms. King said, it’s not choice, not reproductive health, not access to healthcare or none of those other euphemisms—but a discussion about ABORTION. Yes! I’m very glad of this! As a pro-life, black woman, I strongly and definitely, definitely would like to see, hear or read about such a discussion between Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood and Alveda King, the niece of the late Dr. King.

  2. Mary Held says:

    Thank you for your bold stance on this and same sex marriage! May we all follow your example and not shrink back and be quiet!

  3. Marisssa says:

    It would be amazing if this happened. And I would be so happy to see you, Dear Lady, representing the pro-life side. I admire you greatly and will pray that if you are called to speak you will be given the right words at the right time. You may be sure that I will keep a special place for your fight against abortion in my daily prayers. God Bless you.

  4. Ray Geinosky says:

    Alveda is surely a voice crying out in the night . I was Born in a poor family of 12 children living and growing up in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood back in the 60’s and 70’s. Although we all struggled under the stress of a huge family , I would not think twice about wanting to do it all over again . Thanks to my mom and dad for their commitment to their faith and to life we are here .

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