Please Take This Survey and Help Distribute


I just took this survey by Dr. Coleman and would like you to take it too and help distribute it.

See what was sent to me below.

Publicize the surveys. Dr. Coleman has created two surveys: one for women who seriously considered abortion ( but chose life, and one for women who have had at least one abortion ( Please consider asking women you know who fit, or may fit, these categories to consider completing one of these surveys.

Consider distributing the attached flyers to:

* Center staff and volunteers
* Current or former clients
* Women who have completed your after abortion care program

What to communicate: As you invite women to participate in the surveys, please take a moment to communicate a few key points:
* The surveys are completely anonymous. No personal information will be collected and no follow up contact will be initiated.
* Each online survey may take approximately an hour to complete.

Thank you for your help!

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