Please tell NOW: Tim and Pam Tebow Testimony: A ray of love and hope for victims of genocide!

Tell NOW not to worry. Post abortive mothers are encouraged by the Tebow testimony.
Let us thank God for the courage and love of Tim and Pam Tebow, sharing the choice of life in the face of challenge and controversy. When other women were struggling with the choice of abortion, Pam was blessed to be able to come through her trial and choose life. Tim is the blessed result.
As a post abortive African American mother, a victim of seconday genocide and first hand eugenics; who also faced hard choices, and didn’t know how to find the support needed to choose life at the time, I am not hurt by the Tebow testimony.
It is abortion that hurts women and kills babies. With the verifiable links to abortion and breast cancer, the after effects that women experience (see and women have more to gain by hearing life affirming testimonies than they do from choosing abortion!
I feel like we are on the same team, like I lost the ball in the first or second quarter, got hurt when I was tackled, down on the ground, and had to be carried out of the game to wait it out on the sidelines. Hey, wait, the game of life isn’t over yet. There are other players! Then, while I am healing from my pain, cheering from the sidelines, in comes Pam and Tim with their testimony, they have the ball and they are running to the finish line. They are not hurting me, they are blessing me with their courage and their love!
They choose life and choose to live and tell the story. Touchdown!
I am encouraged! I can see that more and more women will choose life because of the Tebow testimony. And that is truly a good thing. What a mighty blow to genocide. My Uncle Martin said: “truth crushed to earth will rise again.” The truth is, and NOW needs to understand this, abortion hurts women and kills babies. The choice for life respects the civil rights of the baby to live, and the procreative reproductive rights of the mother. The truth will make us free.

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