Pray for Justice and Gosnell’s Soul as Trial Rapidly Approaches a Close

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Today the defense rested their case with Gosnell deciding not to testify in his own defense and not calling a single witness.

Closing arguments will begin on Monday and then it’s up to the jury to come up with a just verdict.

In the meantime, everyone needs to continue to keep tweeting and posting statuses on Facebook to keep this case and the atrocities that occurred in the West Philadelphia Women’s Medical Society in the forefront of the media.

Some material for Twitter and Facebook:

Tomorrow on C-Span at 5:00 pm ET Members of Congress will be giving one minute speeches from the floor of the Capital about Gosnell and the trial. You can watch live at or on C-Span on cable. Please get the work out to all your friends and acquaintances.

Get the word out: Fox News is doing a documentary on Gosnell that will air on Sunday, May 5 at 9:00 pm ET following Huckabee.

There are still many in America that still don’t know the harm abortion does to babies, women, men, the family, and our nation. We need to remain diligent in education the public.

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