Representative Yvette Clark and all pro-abortion legislators need to view maafa21!

Representative Yvette Clark from New York needs to see maafa21. As sponsor for a global inititative to remove barriers from abortion, she is aiding the cause of genocide. All elected officials, especially pro-abortion officials need to see maafa21. As constituents we must bring genocide to their attention. Please view this story at

New US House Bill Would Overturn Last Meaningful Restrictions on International Abortion Funding

By Terrence McKeegan, J.D.

     (NEW YORK – C-FAM)  Last Friday, a Congresswoman from Brooklyn, New York introduced a bill in the United States (US) House of Representatives that would greatly expand international funding for abortion, contraception, and sex education, and would effectively eliminate the long-standing Helms Amendment prohibiting the use of US foreign assistance funds for abortion.

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