Take This Quiz And See How You Do….

    True or False: (Answers below)

1. AIDS is the #1 killer of African Americans.

2. Breast cancer is linked to abortion.

3. Life begins at birth.

4. Abortion is safer than tonsil surgery.

5. Abortion is a Civil Right.

Try this: Every time you think of or say the word abortion, use the word murder instead. What happens?


1. False. Abortion is the number one killer of African Americans. It has killed over 13 million since 1973. For more information see, www.blackgenocide.org

2. True. Abortion is also linked to cervical cancer. For more information see www.abortionbreastcancer.com.

3. False. In many cultures, people celebrate the date of conception, so when a child is born, he/she is already 9 months old. For more information see www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_fertilization.

4. False. See www.priestsforlife.org/afterabortion/index.htm for more information.

5. False. For more information see, www.priestsforlife.org/clippings/2004/04-03-18cathheraldking.htm.

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  1. Nancy Newton says:

    Dear Dr. King,

    May God continue to guide, guard, and direct you on your journey here on Earth … Thank You for being such a blessing to our American way of life. Journey on, dear woman, journey on!!


    Nancy Newton
    North Texas, America

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