Tell Senator Harry Reid a real outraged Black woman said… Shame on You, Senator Reid!

Senator Reid’s remarks regarding the health care bill and comparing the position of opponents as akin to supporting slavery is outrageous! The Republican Party was founded by brave people of African descent and Abolitionists to stop slavery. Today, the proposed health care legislation, with it’s abortion caveats is more closely aligned with slavery and the Eugenicists Movement! Shame on you Senator Reid!

4 Responses to “Tell Senator Harry Reid a real outraged Black woman said… Shame on You, Senator Reid!”

  1. Thomas says:

    This is by far the first time in our present era that people with opposing viewpoints use extreme language to debase their opponents rather than engage in honest civil discourse. Those skeptical of anthropogenic global warming hysteria are often tarbrushed as “deniers” (as in “holocaust deniers”), also a gross insult to the integrity and reasoning process of climate change skeptics. We need to restore true “civics” education in our schools.

  2. Thomas says:

    Darn. Amend to say: “This is, by far, NOT the first time…”

  3. richard willis says:

    I read your comments about the health reforms.
    Isn’t the present health non-service a form of slavery to bad health care?
    As an Englishman returning to the UK after being here 5 years-
    I have been appalled by the “slavery”into which many ordinary Americans are forced by a combination of atrocious working conditions and expensive health “care”.
    As a niece of Rev King I would have hoped that you would have known better.
    What do you think he would have made of your comments?

  4. alv3d@ says:

    Dear Friends,

    On behalf of Dr. Alveda King, thank you for reading the blog and have a

    Merry Christmas!

    In Christ,

    Outreach Associate

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