The Secret is Out, Expose the Lies: From Conception Until Natural Death

Like my friend Dr. Loretta Grier Cudjoe Smith always says, “If they don’t get you in the wash, they’ll get you in the rinse.”

In other words, it’s not enough to abort millions of human babies destroying their human and civil rights; genocide does not stop with abortion and euthanasia, it goes on into the societal destruction of life and family, one of the most destructive forms being sex trafficking.

I applaud the White House’s Tom Perez, Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the US Department of Justice for posting the document, Protecting the Rights of Women and Girls on the White House’s website. I was encouraged by Perez’s statement that, “The Justice Department is committed to the aggressive prosecution of human trafficking cases. In the last full fiscal year, we prosecuted more human trafficking cases than ever before. Those 52 cases charged 99 defendants with crimes related to labor and sex trafficking. Many of these cases target complex international cartels and involve many victims.”
However, I’m also concerned that an administration that touts their commitment to aggressively prosecute sex trafficking has also completely ignored the documented willingness of Planned Parenthood to aid and abet sex traffickers. Not only are they ignoring Planned Parenthood’s involvement but in a way they are complicit in those actions by their funneling and refusal to stop the flow of our tax dollars to the organization.

Live Action has done several undercover videos where Planned Parenthood is not only helping sex traffickers avoid detections but has also been involved in the cover-up of possible rapists by failing to report suspected abuse as required by law.

Thank God for Lila Rose and all the other organizations that are working to expose and spread the truth about Planned Parenthood and all other entities involved in the sex trafficking trade.

If the Justice Department is really serious about protecting women and girls, how about they start where there is not only smoke but a blazing fire they can put out. All they have to do is stand by the words of Tom Perez, “Protecting women’s rights is a top priority for the Justice Department, and for the entire current administration. The Civil Rights Division will continue its efforts to aggressively enforce civil rights laws to give meaning to the promise of equal opportunity.” The last time I checked, statutory rape was still a crime in America and covering up the crime makes Planned Parenthood an accessory after the fact which is also a crime. Then there’s the fact that the abortion given to the underage girl is destroying evidence which is also a crime.

One has to wonder how many of the 52 cases Perez spoke of would have been ignored had those involved been contributing to the campaigns of the politicians.

And to make things worse, the current administration is not only not protecting women and girls from the predatory practices of Planned Parenthood, but they are actually helping them by actively and aggressively enforcing the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FOCA) Act. This enforcement targets pro-lifers who are peacefully and compassionately talking and informing women getting abortions about the affects of abortion on their physical and mental health, something pro-life advocates have been proclaiming for years and just recently backed by a trvey just published in the British Journal of Psychiatry.

Pro-abortion politicians will do whatever it takes to keep Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry happy and funded, even if it hurts women and girls. See the video.

As I said in an interview yesterday, “The first civil right that anyone can have is life.” And since everyone knows, life begins at conception, the current administration should be protecting all life, including the unborn, not just those that can contribute to their campaigns.

Send this message to your elected officials: it’s time you start protecting ALL women and girls and stop protecting Planned Parenthood. One day the girls and women of America will thank you. Don’t wait until it’s too late and many more have been harmed by the abortion behemoth.

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