U N should promote procreative reproductive health; why are they hiding decline in maternal deaths?

The U N should re-examine their policies on abortion funding support. Women need love and not abortion. Abortion does not solve problems! People need procreative reproductive health. Their request for $20 billion should be considered only if they agree to end genocide which includes ending abortion. Mothers and children would best be served with more prenatal care, clean water and healthy food supplies, not more abortion and artificial invasive chemical and surgical birth control methods. Natural family planning and procreation are what is needed!

The United Nations, now convening a meeting of government, agency, and foundation representatives to work out a maternal and child health proposal for possible September adoption, released a report this week claiming that worldwide deaths during pregnancy and childbirth remain at about 500,000 a year, in stark contrast with a Lancet study funded by the Gates Foundation that says the figure is really 342,900. The U.N. is expected to ask developed nations to give $20 billion this September for its maternal and child health program.

Link: http://www.vancouversun.com/health/chief+sides+with+over+abortion+access/2907502/story.html

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