We Commend New York Senator for His Bold Stand for Truth…

It took a lot of courage to speak the truth and that’s exactly what Senator Ruben Diaz did. Pray for Senator Diaz as he has come under a lot of attack from those that would keep the light of truth from being shown on such a contraversial issue as abortion.

African-American State Senator attacked for comparing the concept of pro-choice on abortion to Hitler! Says: “Hitler was pro-choice”

Bronx state Sen. Ruben Diaz Tuesday invoked Hitler as a pro-choice advocate in a rant against a bill to strengthen the state’s abortion laws. Hitler “chose to send the Jews to Auschwitz,” Democrat Diaz declared in an email to supporters and reporters. “That was not their choice that was Hitler’s choice.”

Diaz, a Pentecostal minister, was writing about his opposition to the Reproductive Health Act many of his fellow Democrats are pushing.

Read Mr. Diaz’s full statement on abortion below:

I am State Senator Rubén Díaz and I represent the 32nd Senatorial District in Bronx County. You should know that I am also an Ordained Minister of the Church of God with headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee, the Pastor of Christian Community Neighborhood Church located at 1437 Longfellow Avenue Bronx, NY and the President of the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization.

You should know that Governor Cuomo and members of the Legislature are in the process of pushing and approving the Reproductive Health Act. This legislation will make abortion on demand a reality in the State of New York.

Today, I feel privileged to write to you about the unborn in America and I would like to start with two questions: First, what is an abortion? And second is a fetus a life? Simply stated, an abortion is the termination of a pregnancy and the destruction of a fetus.

You should know that before January 22nd, 1973, (39 years ago), which I call a day of infamy in American history, abortions were illegal in most states and were only performed for extreme circumstances.

In 1970, a lady by the name of Sarah Weddington, a lawyer from Texas went to court and filed a lawsuit on behalf of a pregnant woman named Norma McCorrey. This lady, Norma McCorrey did not want her name to be released therefore she went under the alias of Jane Roe.

The purpose of that lawsuit was to overturn the State of Texas anti-abortion laws. The lawsuit charged that the laws in Texas were unconstitutional and that they violated women’s rights under the first, fourth, fifth, ninth and fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution.

You also should know that it was then-Dallas District Attorney Henry Wade who was in charge of defending the State of Texas in that historic case which came to be known as Roe Versus Wade.

You should know that since that day of infamy, January 22nd 1973, every year, more than 1.5 million abortions are conducted in America. That means that in the past 39 years at the rate of 4,000 babies each day, we will have killed and slaughtered 60 million American citizens.

Now let’s go back to the original question:


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