What These Ears Heard Donald Trump Say

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“Of course pray for everybody… [but] we can’t be, again, politically correct and say we pray for all of our leaders, because all of your [political] leaders are selling Christianity down the tubes, selling the evangelicals down the tubes. And it’s a very, very bad thing that’s happening.” Donald Trump

“Don’t pray to be politically correct. Pray to be spiritually correct.” Alveda King

Yesterday, sitting among 1,000 Judeo-Christian apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, all spiritual leaders in America at a “Conversation with Donald Trump and Ben Carson” and emceed by Mike Huckabee, I heard Donald Trump say “pray for everybody” but “don’t be politically correct.”

Since the meeting was closed to media reporting, we need to understand that information can only trickle out through the biased perspectives of the attendees, me included.

If we are completely honest, we can agree that the main, number one issue of concern presented to Mr. Trump by the body as a whole was religious liberty. Mr. Trump assured the attendees that protecting religious liberty is a primary concern for him and is at the top of his to do list.

He further promised to appoint Prolife Supreme Court justices. He promised that “America will be free to say Merry Christmas” again. He promised economic justice as a means of lessening the bands of racism. He promised safe borders for America. He promised to strengthen our military to protect our nation. He gave God the credit for giving him intelligent children. So sorry you couldn’t be there to hear all of this.

At no time did Mr. Trump advise that Americans need to disobey the Bible. Those words did not come out of his mouth.

Looking forward, the estimated 1,000 leaders in the room have platforms that impact millions of Americans. Now our challenge is to now turn away from railing at each other and the candidates and truly obey the Bible ourselves.

Please join me now in praying for Mr. Trump, Mrs. Clinton, all congressional, gubernatorial, state, county and local candidates, that God will, according to Romans 13 and 1 Timothy 2:2 bless us so that America can have peace and prosperity.


12 Responses to “What These Ears Heard Donald Trump Say”

  1. Kelly Hudspeth says:

    Thank you, Dr. King, for sharing such a discerning and important reminder.

  2. Mona Weisenberg says:

    Thank you Alveda for posting this information. This is what we need to hear from our “professional” media (and I say that , knowing it will never happen). I know Mr. Trump comes across mostly as beligerent and tyrannical…but I personally perceive him as very clever and talented and knowledgeable. I life up my prayers on a daily basis that the Lord will provide us a leader who will follow God’s laws and not man’s misguided politically correct nonsense.

    Again, God bless you Alveda for all the work you do on behalf of fighting for the right to life and other areas. Please keep me on your blog list….Thank you.

  3. Billie Rodriguez says:

    DT has made many promises in his life.

    He promised to love, honor, cherish his 1st wife, Ivana, then had a public affair with Marla Maples.

    DT promised to love, honor, cherish Marla Maples, then went on to have yet another public affair with Melania.

    You have stood out to me because of your fight against abortion and I have stood with you. I’m reading nothing from you regarding this issue today.

    Either one is in support of life or one is in support of death. I see nothing of DT that supports anything of God.

    I pray that you are not one of the many who are under a grand deception from this charlatan.

  4. Yes we need to pray ,for our country ,and the entire world ,Mr Trump ,need prayers ,to ,that he will be able to keep his promise ,,,I pray Clinton have conversion ,to realize ,the atrocities of our innocent human been ,of abortion ,,!!honestly ,I pray she won’t be our president ,I DON’T TRUST HER ,Dear Heavenly Father ,thy will be done !!

  5. Vanessa says:

    “I’m the abundance of (good) counselors
    ..there is wisdom” says the Bible.

    So if Mr. Trump listens deeply…he can acquire more wisdom. A win for all.

  6. J.A.C. says:

    Trump will say things depending on who he is surrounded by…he is absolutely not pro-life…look at his record…he flip flops on this issue….I am writing in Ted Cruz for President because Ted Cruz is the only one who is 100% pro-life…no flip flops, no rubbish like Trump…God Bless Ted Cruz for President 2016

  7. Tina G says:

    Thank you for this important perspective.

  8. mona says:

    Thank you Alveda King for your leadership in the Pro-life arena. I appreciate your commentary on this meeting with Donald Trump.

  9. Thank you. Your are great and campaign for all and ask for forgiveness and prayers. I believe Donald Trump. There is too much bad about Hillary Clinton.She id so callous when it came to Benghazi and other things that happened under her watch. There seemed to be no remorse. I read the book 13 Hours and she did let Ambassador Stevens down as well as the others who died in that massacre. Then she called those that lived the 13 Hours and wrote the book LIARS. The movie is out but no one gave it any air time. The Liberals ddidn’t want anyone to watch it. I feel God put Trump in our life for a reason and let him come this far for a reason. I read all you Face book remarks. Thumbs up.

  10. Nevada Grace says:

    Hillary Clinton recently welcomed her grandson into the world. She and her husband obviously delighted posed for pictures with this beautiful baby boy. How can she be awestruck by this child when she is targeting for termination children who look like my son? Make no mistake, government-sponsored abortion is aimed at ridding society of what the ruling class consider to be undesirables. Their children are coddled and praised while our children are targeted for extinction before they are even born.

  11. Mechelle Obrien says:

    Alveda, Thank you for bringing this review to us. The media never would say anything about religious freedoms or liberties for all. Now as for as Mr Trump. I have always been a believer that he would make a great president. 1) I don’t want a career politician that has made a living from scamming me. 2). He has proven that he can run a business, and that’s what America is, a business. He knows economics and money. Let’s face it. I feel that is 99% of what the conflict is. Who get’s to control Americas money. 3) His personal life is between him and God. 4) People need to ask themselves what they want a president to do. If he can do the things he says then so be it. I want these things to. But mind you he is not alone. He’s going to have everything including the kitchen sink thrown at him to not accomplish these things. He’s going to need our prayers to get in office and to do the things he has on his list. By the way, I didn’t hear Hillary talk about a fence, strengthen the military, stop giving the money to those that would harm us.
    What I did hear is that she is broke which is a lie. Hillary has at least four homes across the nation So for BR, and the rest of the haters, we’re not perfect because if we were we’d be carrying two sticks and three nails. We have all fallen short of the glory of God. That’s why we need him. We can’t do this ourselves. Pray and supplication

  12. Shirley McMahan says:

    When I heard that 1,000 evangelical leaders would be meeting with Donald Trump I was concerned and wondered are they deserting their posts to side with this man? Personally I have felt alarm over the fact that so many Christian’s apparently have taken Mr. Trump at his word, whatever word he said at any particular time. I have not trusted him, I don’t admire him, I believe him to be a phony and an ego driven person who wants to achieve the goal of the W.H. for his own gain and not the good of the people of this country. If Alveda King says to pray, I will pray and perhaps she has seen a different Donald Trump then I have. I’m not too proud to say I could be wrong, so I will pray and allow God to do His work in the life of this man and for the good of this country.

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