Why the Establishment Wants to Destroy Herman Cain

By Dr. Alveda King

Published November 09, 2011 | FoxNews.com

There are two reasons the liberal media can’t get enough of the Herman Cain smear campaign:

1. They would rather report unsubstantiated allegations and gossip than report the real issues, because talking about the real issues would not be in the best interest of the president.

President Obama is traveling around the country, proposing a stimulus bill that has already failed once. Instead of having an honest discussion about whether or not a plan that already failed once will fail again, the establishment would rather distract the American people with gossip.

The amount of time spent talking about this ridiculous smear campaign while the country is in an economic crisis, shows that the liberal media’s agenda is not to keep people informed, but to keep people distracted from failed establishment economic policies.

2. The establishment is threatened by a strong conservative with such a large platform.

For many years, the Democrats have had a 90% stranglehold on the black vote. This is because many blacks feel that Republicans are racist and only care about the rich, while Democrats love them, give Blacks welfare, etc. When a strong, charismatic, BLACK conservative goes head to head with Obama, many blacks who have not yet done so will actually listen to both sides of the political argument.

They will hear Mr. Cain say that the entitlements given to them don’t help the black community. When Mr. Cain says that welfare is statistically like a disease that is passed from generation to generation, that it promotes single mothers, that it promotes a culture of helplessness and government dependency, people will listen.

When Mr. Cain says I will give you opportunities to improve your quality of life: jobs so that you don’t need government handouts to survive, that the government will teach people to fish rather than give them fish sticks…people will listen.

Mr. Cain would structurally change the voting demographic. There would be more black economic conservatives, and the Democrats would lose their stranglehold on the black vote. The establishment is threatened by that, so they will try to assassinate Mr. Cain’s character, hoping he doesn’t get the chance to go head to head with President Obama.

If the general election features two black men of opposing political views, and Black America hears an honest political debate, the establishment will lose a portion of their 90 percent stranglehold on the black vote.

Let me be very clear about what I mean when I say “the establishment.” There are people on both sides of the aisle and beyond who are disturbed by Mr. Cain’s unorthodox campaign. He rocks the proverbial boat so to speak. So, it’s not entirely about party politics. So for the purpose for this discussion, “establishment” means resistance to truth from every sector.

The establishment, which includes the Obama camp is terrified of what Mr. Cain represents.

Herman Cain is the epitome of the American dream. He grew up poor and worked his way to success, following an ethic he inherited from his father and mother, and with a degree he earned at an historically black school, Morehouse College, where my uncle, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., also was an alumnus.

Mr. Cain is the fulfillment of Uncle M. L.’s dream. He has lived the black American experience in the South. By the content of his character, not the color of his skin, he has studied hard, worked hard, enjoyed success in business and now aspires to the office of president of the United States. Like Martin Luther King, he is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus. He is not a career politician but out of love for his country, he seeks now to lead.

If we have an honest discussion on whether the war on poverty should be fought with welfare or with economic growth in the private sector, Democrats will lose black votes.

When Mr. Cain says abortion is bad business, is hurting America and denying our youngest the civil right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that is a dangerous discussion for the Democrats and their pro-abortion platform.

When he says the abortion industry, particularly Planned Parenthood, is committing Black genocide, he is giving a national platform to an issue that the mainstream media was quick to label racist and then sweep back under the carpet.

This controversy is nothing more than a political ploy by the establishment to attempt a high-tech lynching, a brazen – if transparent – effort to eliminate this man who actually dares to present solutions for America’s problems.

14 Responses to “Why the Establishment Wants to Destroy Herman Cain”

  1. cliff deal says:

    This guy just makes sense, he has set objectives, and a plan to get there.
    Wishing him all the success in the world..

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  3. chris says:

    Great article. i agree with you 100%!

  4. Deborah says:

    It’s unfortunate that Dr King made this posting about abortion rather than Mr. Cain’s whole platform – started out strong about a good candidate, but ended up being her own platform on abortion. Abortion is an ethical dilemma, not a political one. It should not be an issue that divides the politicians from good and bad, the issues are about more broad reaching solutions to economic development and self-sufficiency that may just solve the abortion issue.

  5. alv3d@ says:

    Good day Deborah,

    There has also been much talk aobut where Mr. Cain stands on the pro-life issues. Dr. King has spent some effort defending his position on life issues. Mr Cain himself spent about $! million getting the Black community to vote pro-life in the 2006 elections. Mr. Cain recently spoke about the genocide of the Black community, Planned Parenthood, and Margaret Sanger, issues he feels strongly about. He came under attack for those comments too and many Black pro-life leaders came to his defense. The abortion issue and the funding of Planned Parenthood are crutial for our economy and the upcoming election. With over 1 million babies being killed by abortions, it is an important issue and one Dr. King felt needed to be addressed. Mr. Cains candidacy is more that politics. It goes to the heart of our country and the direction we are heading and will be heading in the future.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Eugene Vigil
    Asst. to Dr. Alkveda King

  6. Ken G. says:

    Deborah said “Abortion is an ethical dilemma, not a political one.” I’m sorry Deborah, but you’re wrong. There is nothing without life. Without life there is nothing. No rights. No politics. No ethics. Nothing. It is extremely important as to a politician’s stand on life. The Bible says we should “choose life.” God Bless you.

  7. Lee Singleton says:

    Great essay, Dr. King. “Mr. Cain is the fulfillment of Uncle M. L.’s dream. He has lived the black American experience in the South. By the content of his character, not the color of his skin, he has studied hard, worked hard, enjoyed success in business and now aspires to the office of president of the United States.” I could not agree more. Content of character is the only thing that should ever matter! The color of a man’s skin should never be anything more than physical trait. It was Obama who brought race into the last election, it will be Cain who will to take it out. We will never reach the potential we as a country can reach if race continues to divide us. Cain can unite us and conservatism will rule the day!

  8. paster jones says:

    Herman Cain most people don’t know and it’snot being reported is an
    The Jew media will keep him in the main stream media but never in a popular light.
    The poor man has a stimulas package that will get this country back to work….but he may never get it out of his pants.
    If only he could keep that trousar snake kept under wrap when he was prezident of the NRA.
    God Bless….it was a great prayer call in Motown.

    Paster Jones

  9. Christopher says:

    That was one of the most relevant and precise pieces I have read on Herman Cain since he decided to run for the office. I love it and am passing it on.

  10. Deano says:

    999 this, 999 that. It’s difficult to take Cain seriously when he has nothing else to offer aside from a “bold plan” (which isn’t even his, he stole it from a 1996 PI Report) that has been dissected and exposed as ineffectual in the current economic climate, yet that doesn’t stop him from somehow bringing it up in his answers to debate questions regardless of relevance. Whenever he doesn’t talk about 999, he’s talking about such things as the danger of China one day building a nuke, as well as making constitutional changes by signing a paper whilst in his office. He’s pro-life one moment, pro-choice the next. Insisting he’d never negotiate with terrorists, and then declaring he’d talk to Al Qaeda. Herman Cain isn’t electable. He was pushed by the media on the back of one straw poll win and then a horde of sheep flocked to him like moth to a flame. Mindless conformity doesn’t in any way detract from the fact that he has no credibility as a candidate. He has flip flopped more in recent months than Mitt Romney has in his whole career.

  11. norm says:

    I agree with you the liberals see Cain as the greatest threat. That is why they want to destroy him and build Romney. In my view Romney would be easier to beat by Obama because he is a democrat by ideology and a republican for political expediency. The democrats have gathered enough soundbites which depict Romney embracing Obama’s policies, viz Obamacare, abortion, climate change etc. Obama will not find it hard to prove to the republican voters that a president Romney is not only a fip-flopper but he would be unwilling to implement what he preaches on the campaign. It is hard to see how he differs from democrats. To vote for him or for Obama would not make any difference.

  12. Tristan Berry says:

    Paster Jones…

    Your post speaks volumes, it really does. I don’t even have to elaborate. I’ll just say that your post just gave a lot of people about 6 million reasons to vote for Herman Cain. As a Cain campaign volunteer, I thank you for your assistance.

  13. Awesome essay, Dr. King, of what the left is up to. Now that they have damaged Herman, the liberals have gone silence. Interesting, isn’t it? The democrats are hypocrites as they praise Republican Dr. Martin L. King but ignore his statements: “Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.” and….I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
    — Martin Luther King, Jr.

  14. S Johnson says:

    Alveda–If you think that the “country is in an economic crisis” now, what do you call the situation in 2008? In fact, economic growth has been positive in every quarter since the stimulus bill was passed and implemented. Net jobs in the private sector have increased every month for two years. Can you not admit that the economy is improving?

    And by the way, I think that Democrats would be delighted to pit the President’s knowledge, leadership, grasp of world affairs and debating skills against those of Mr. Cain in the election next year. Hope to see you there!

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