Fr. Pavone: Republican stamp on federal courts will be the most enduring victory of 2018 midterms


Priests for Life

November 07, 2018


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TITUSVILLE, FL -- Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, issued the following statement today regarding the results of the midterm elections:

“I am grateful to God and President Trump that the much-hyped ‘blue wave’ did not sweep over our nation. While it’s true that the Democrats have retaken control of the House, winning barely more than the minimum they needed to have the majority, the more important gains were in the Senate, where Republicans increased their majority to historic levels.

“The increased Senate majority ensures that President Trump will be able to continue making the courts great again, appointing federal judges who understand that the role of the courts is to interpret the Constitution, not remake it or invent rights within it. The Republican and conservative stamp on the courts will be the greatest and most long-lasting victory of this election.

“Today we also announce two other initiatives.

“First, we begin today our efforts for the 2020 elections, which will see the re-election of President Trump and pro-life majorities in both the House and Senate, among other victories. We are building an army of grassroots volunteers, and building upon this year’s very successful voter training seminars, offered in key states and online.

“Second, we are launching a petition today demanding that House Democrats in the upcoming 116th Congress carry out their job description, which is to legislate, rather than waste the time and resources of the American people with needless investigations, subpoenas of other government officials, and silly talk about impeachment.

“Moreover the legislative proposals of the Democrats are going to have to move away from the extremism that the Democrat party so easily displays, and towards a more workable bipartisan spirit. Time will tell if these House Democrats are anywhere near interested in or capable of doing that.”

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