For Evangelist Alveda King, everything starts with prayer


Priests for Life

January 24, 2019

We continue here our series highlighting the members of the Priests for Life Family who serve on our staff and pastoral team.
Evangelist Alveda King was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and grew up there and in Birmingham, Alabama, and Louisville, Kentucky. Now she calls Atlanta home again.
She is the daughter of civil rights leader AD King and Naomi Barber King, the granddaughter of Martin Luther King Sr. and Alberta King, and the niece of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Coretta Scott King.
Alveda has been heading up Priests for Life’s African-American outreach – now called Civil Rights for the Unborn – since joining the team full-time in 2005. Six years earlier she met Father Frank Pavone at a Right to Life convention in New York and the two discovered they shared a vision that cast the pro-life causes as the civil rights movement of today.
“The sanctity of life is important for every community and as a member of the African-American community I’m honored to inform, educate and activate our community and the world at large regarding the sanctity of life,” Evangelist King says. “I travel nationally and internationally, speaking out against abortion and educating the public on the atrocities and evils of abortion while inspiring others to help fight to end abortion.”
While she is a Fox News contributor and frequently interviewed on nationwide radio shows, she believes that all her work must begin and end in prayer.
“Prayer is a very big part of my ministry,” she says. “I network with other pro-life leaders on a variety of projects such as film, music and social media memes. I frequently do interviews for a variety of media, television, radio, podcasts, internet newspapers and magazines.”
Evangelist King describes the work environment at Priests for Life headquarters in Florida as “compassionate, liberating and stimulating. I have a great experience working with staff. I attend regularly scheduled Pastoral Team meetings and have always enjoyed the staff and their willingness to be helpful. I run the Atlanta based office and am ably assisted by my executive assistant, a pro-life leader in his own right, Eugene Vigil. Father Frank and Janet are high energy and fully committed to the mission of ending abortion. They inspire the whole team to work together harmoniously.”
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