Pro-life Leadership Coalition Statement: Our Movement Will Not Be Intimidated


Pro-Life Leadership Coalition

June 01, 2019

In recent days, the pro-life community and many other Americans were shocked and disgusted at the behavior of Democrat State Representative Brian Sims from the 182nd Legislative District of Pennsylvania as he attempted to shame and intimidate peaceful pro-life people who were praying outside of a Planned Parenthood abortion facility.
As leaders in the pro-life movement we not only condemn his actions, but likewise call upon leaders in the Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood, the abortion lobby, and pro-choice women’s rights groups to do the same.
We furthermore declare that we will not be intimidated by such threats or actions, but rather will continue to equip and encourage our movement to come to the places where the killing of children in the womb takes place, and to intervene for the babies, their moms, and their dads!
As we have done for decades, we will come as law-abiding citizens, we will come in peace, we will come in love, we will come with determination to save lives and awaken the conscience of our communities.
We look forward to the day when all of us can exercise our rights as citizens without having to witness the behavior that Rep. Sims demonstrated.
And we likewise look forward to the day when children in the womb will enjoy the same protections as the rest of us.
Fr. Frank Pavone

National Director,

Priests for Life
Janet Morana

Co-Founder, Silent No More Awareness Campaign

Matt Britton

Chairman & General Counsel 40 Days for Life

Catherine Glenn Foster

President and CEO Americans United for Life
Kristan Hawkins

President Students for Life of America

Tom Glessner, President

Anne O’Connor, Vice President

National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA)
Evangelist Alveda King

Director Civil Rights for The Unborn, Priests for Life
Royce Dunn Director

 Please Let Me Live – Life Chain
Allan Parker President

The Justice Foundation
Rev. Father Shenan James Boquet
President, Human Life International
John-Henry Westen

Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief LifeSite News
Chris Slattery President
Expectant Mother Care EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers-NYC
Bryan Kemper
President - Stand True
Gregg Cunningham
Director, Center For Bio-Ethical Reform
Cynthia Collins
Global Advisor, Operation Outcry
Archbishop Craig Bates
Primate of the Charismatic Episcopal Church
Fr. Terry Gensemer
International Director
Charismatic Episcopal Church For Life
Terrisa Bukovinac
Founder and Executive Director Pro-Life San Francisco
Joel Brind, PhD
President and CEO, Natural Food Science, LLC
Larry Cirignano
Children First Foundation
Joseph A Brinck
President, Sanctity of Life Foundation
Fr. Fidelis Moscinski, CFR
Red Rose Rescue
Connie Eller
Founder, Missouri Blacks For Life
Deborah Hollifield
Executive Director, Presbyterians Protecting Life
Shari Richard
Astrid Bennett Gutierrez
The VIDA Initiative
Brendan H. O'Connell
President, Life Matters TV and Media, Inc
Lynda Bell
President, Florida Right to Life
Molly S White
Former Texas State Representative Pro-life Speaker and author
Ann "Lauren" Morris
Florida State Director National Life Chain
John J Jakubczyk
Pro-life Attorney Southwest Life & Law Center
Nancy Campbell
Above Rubies
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