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Title: Fr. Pavone calls for ‘a moment of healing for our nation’ following discovery of bodies of abortion victims
  Author: Priests for Life - 9/20/2019
  Description: SOUTH BEND, IN -- The discovery of the bodies of 2,246 aborted babies in the Illinois home of late abortionist Dr. Ulrich Klopfer gives the nation an opportunity to reframe the debate on abortion, according to Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life.
Title: Op-Eds from the Priests for Life Pastoral Team
  Author: Priests for Life - 9/18/2019
Title: Alveda King to tell young people in Memphis the truth about abortion
  Author: Leslie Palma-Simoncek - 9/11/2019
Title: 2019 - September Newsletter (Volume 29, Number 5)
  Author: Priests for Life - 9/1/2019
  Description: An Urgent Call to A Full-time Commitment to End Abortion and Protect the Youngest Children
Elections 2020: “Watch Parties” are a great Voter Education Tool
Teen whose mom was helped by Priests for Life calls to say hello
Title: National Day of Mourning begins tomorrow in Richmond
  Author: Priests for Life - 8/29/2019
Title: Fr. Pavone lauds HHS Office of Civil Rights for protecting conscience rights
  Author: Priests for Life - 8/28/2019
  Description: It’s impossible to know how often the conscience rights of healthcare workers are violated, but under the Trump administration, something is finally being done about it.
Title: Fr. Pavone: No surprise for a Democrat-appointed judge to block a life-saving law
  Author: Priests for Life - 8/27/2019
Title: Dreams, Mourning, and “Going to See a Man About a Mule.”
  Author: Priests for Life - 8/23/2019
Title: Priests for Life to take part in National Day of Mourning
  Author: Priests for Life - 8/20/2019
Title: Alveda King to Archbishop Gregory: President Trump is not racist
  Author: Priests for Life - 8/2/2019
  Description: President Trump is not a racist. A racist is a person who doesn’t get Acts 17:26: Of one blood God made all people. I know President Trump understands that and I’m sure Archbishop Gregory does as well.
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