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Title: Op-Eds from the Priests for Life Pastoral Team
  Author: Priests for Life - 7/2/2020
Title: Supreme Court Ruling Ignores Damage Abortion Does to Women
  Author: Leslie Palma - 6/29/2020
  Description: Once again this ruling underscores the importance of elections. We need a solid pro-life majority on the Supreme Court to uphold the rights of women and the unborn.
Title: Evangelist Alveda King: The Court Should Not Ignore the Voices of Silent No More
  Author: Leslie Palma - 6/29/2020
  Description: We understand that laws are needed to protect women against an unscrupulous and unregulated abortion industry. Abortion not only killed our children; it wounded us.
Title: Alveda King: Celebrating Juneteenth – Unite Americans by making it a national holiday
  Author: Evangelist Alveda C. King , Director, Civil Rights for the Unborn - 6/19/2020
Title: CatholicTV awarded for episode featuring Evangelist Alveda King
  Author: Priests for Life - 6/10/2020
Title: George Floyd: Hundreds gathered in Troy to protest Monday night
  Author: James Rider - 6/5/2020
Title: Protesters, police in Troy, Ohio, gather around a phone to pray with MLK’s niece
  Author: Priests for Life - 6/2/2020
Title: Reflections on Black History Month 2020
  Author: Priests for Life - 6/1/2020
Title: Alveda King: Norma McCorvey was never a trophy; she was my friend
  Author: Priests for Life - 5/21/2020
Title: Georgia Tech Lapses Into Viewpoint Discrimination — on Life
  Author: Fr. Frank Pavone , National Director, Priests for Life - 5/18/2020
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